Medicare thread

  1. I am starting a Medicare thread because I saw people talking about it and I to am lost on the hole thing so if anyone knows how it works please share !

    So in my case I have Part A and B and d ( drug plan ) for $100.00 month I also am paying for cobra from my job At $ 600.00 a my reg. Inshurance is primary and Medicare 2nd but I am now getting large bills because Medicare seems to not be paying anything I also have large druge bills evern having 2 plans ? I am just lost it seems like I am paying money for nothing !
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  3. by   Always_Learning
    Hey Trek...perhaps you could make sure your primary insurance company has your coordination of benefits correct (in other words, that they know to bill Medicare as secondary). Many plans will bill the secondary automatically, but if Medicare isn't paying anything, I would make sure they are billing it.

    Also, you might check and see if the hospital near you has a financial counselor-type person? I used to be one at my hospital, and we would help people sort out insurance issues as well as help them apply for assistance when applicable.

    My state has a hospital income-based assistance program that people could apply for; if you have hospital bills, I would ask about this too.

    There's still a lot of legwork to be done with insurance companies (I hate 'em), but hopefully something I said will be of some use. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   xtxrn
    ALSO- this is very important- see if Medicare will even cover you if you have COBRA... on just about anything, if someone has COBRA, Medicare will not cover (ie- medications) ... you can get a Medicare supplement (plan F) that should cover the balance of what Medicare does NOT cover- and it's a lot less than COBRA- also may have something special for the vision issues.
  5. by   herring_RN
    It seems unnecessary to pay COBRA with Medicare. I have Medicare since turning 65. I have an AARP supplement and drug benefit.

    DH does have eye drops that cost $45.00 a month andf a BP med at $90.00 a month with the prescription drug coverage. In the 'donut hole' the eye drops are twice the cost.

    My dermatologist has me pay and her office sends the bill to Medicare.
    So far I've received a reimbursement check in less than a month.
  6. by   jnette
    Great thread .. will be looking at it regularly as I'll be medicare ready in 2 years.
    How did THAT happen !!! ?