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    What I found most interesting during my clinical psych rotation was how certain therapies touched certain patients more profoundly than others.

    One patient really opened up during the music therapy, another was touched by the art therapy, another really came alive during the reminisce session, another when the therapy dog came by.
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    Music And Health: 11 Ways Playing And Listening To Music Help Both Body And Mind

    My daughter just sent me this. Kind of fits with all the discussion of the benefits of music.

    I agree with ScottE, there is no one remedy. Each of us will respond to different therapies. We know one of the most powerful is smell. Aromatherapy, lavender will help relax. Put these therapies together and choose individually and many people who are anxious will be feeling better.

    personally, give me a dog to pet, music, the smell of good food cooking (well, baking actually) and you can probably lead me to follow you anywhere.
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    It always amazes me that someone with profound dementia, who might not even remember his or her name, can recall the lyrics to songs of their youth. Even people who are basically non-verbal have sung parts of an really "oldy but goody" with me. Music is indeed a powerful, powerful media.

    (Please forgive me because I know that I've shared this in the distant past. . . . )
    My first major is in "Film Composition" (writing music for movies). Obviously, there was a lot learned in composing music to affect very specific moods. Music that is written in a slower tempo and with a minor tonality tend to affect the mood of sadness. Music that is written in faster tempos, in 3/4 time and with a major tonality tend to create the mood of happiness or liveliness. One should be able to listen to the well-written "back ground" music (the film composition) with one's eyes closed and "see" the action taking place. Well-written music can be THAT powerful!

    I can go on and on and on about the effects of music on our psyches. It would be like beating an old drum over and over and over again. (Conceptual pun intended! )

    Bottom line: Music Good!
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    Loved it! We sing and dance quite a bit at work. I cant hold a tune to save my life however no one in the room notices or cares. They enjoy the music and share the stories of their lives. I enjoy watching them.
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    I agree, music is good stuff. I would play it in my ambulance, but we are not allowed to. Can't imagine what the reaction would be if I cranked up Lady Gaga!!! We do have teddy bears, and they are a remarkable therapy, even with older folks.
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    When I'm old and have dementia, give me the Beatles anytime. It's not technically music from my era, but it will still make my day.
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    Quote from whichone'spink
    When I'm old and have dementia, give me the Beatles anytime. It's not technically music from my era, but it will still make my day.
    Beatles, like lots of good music is almost ageless. My DGS has had it as his favorite since age 2, and now his is almost 15.
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