Would you want to be rich or famous?

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    As I was waking up this morning, this question came to mind. For me it is a big NO. Yesterday, once again, Lindsey Lohan was in the news. I would not want a bunch of photographers chasing me around. (I don't like the whole "papparazzi" term..they are photographers or reporters, or a bunch of people with no life who.....anyways, better stay on topic ) In regards to being rich, I don't think I would want that either. I am currently working on becoming debt free, "comfortable" is a term I am going for. Not stinking rich. I try to teach my kids how to work for their money and enjoy the accomplishment. No silver spoons, thank you very much. So what is your take on this? Do you want to be rich? Famous? Both?
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    a resounding NO to both.
    i have always despised being center of attention, and i esp detest cameras/having picture taken.
    and i adore my privacy.

    as for being rich, i've always enjoyed having to work for what i want.
    don't like having anything that is too easy in attaining...one tends to start taking *stuff* for granted, kwim?
    when you struggle, you tend to create a value system.
    to me, there are certain things you just can't put a price on.

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    I wouldn't want to famous, but I do kind of like being "known" in my home town. For example on the day before our 30th wedding anniversary due to a business emergency and poor planning on my part, I was headed to the woods and about to lose cell service for the rest of the day. I wanted to get flowers ordered because the next morning I was going to be out of cell service when the normal business day started as well. I called the local flower shop and told the owner who I was and asked if she could deliver the flowers the next morning and I'd come pay for them that afternoon. She agreed. Although we had met once before years previously, she didn't know me so much as she knew the family name. At times like that, it's nice to not be anonymous.
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    I definitely would not want fame. I do not like to draw attention in my direction.

    However, I would love to be independently wealthy. This would allow me to become a professional student or a full-time traveler. It is hard to see the world when you do not have any paid vacation time from the workplace.
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    I'm with TheCommuter. I would never want to live in a goldfish bowl like a celebrity.....I value my privacy! Although like Kolohe, I'm pretty well-known around my town, having worked in the hospital and all three nursing homes, plus holding a leadership position in my church.

    But I would like to be rich. Not filthy rich like the Trumps and Rockefellers of the world, but I'd love to be a millionaire. I've been desperately poor, and now I'm not so poor but I live paycheck to paycheck like everyone else in the middle class. I'd love to be able to travel, to fund a college education for my grandkids, to pay off my student loans. And, I'd like a new car and one of those wave pools in my basement so I could do water exercises year-round and not have to drive to a pool 10 miles away.
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    I would never want to be famous, and if that's a condition of being rich, then I can do without both. However, I wouldn't mind being wealthy. It would be nice to never have to worry about money, and I would love to be a philanthropist. I could have a lot of fun for myself and give a whole bunch of $ money away!
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    Privacy is precious and no amount of being "famous" would appeal to me.
    As with Kolohe; I came from a town where our family were well known and everyone knew everyone else.
    This had both it's positive and negative aspects.
    I 'm fiercely protective of my privacy.

    As for being rich: I feel rich already.
    My definition of being rich is to have reached my 60's and with much to be grateful for.
    Being financially comfortable is a bonus.
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    I agree with Marla and Kohole - I live in a small town and sometimes that does afford you some perks if you are known and respected. But famous like Lindsey Lohan?? No.

    As to rich, like Marla I've struggled paycheck to paycheck and I'd like to be able to pay my bills, pay off my mortgage and student loans and logging debt and then get to travel.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting financial security with a bit extra to do some good things for others too.
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    Famous? Depends on what for and why. Rich, definitely. And i would like to try being filthy rich, just to see how the decisions on how spend that kind of money are made. But i would not want the irritation of having the government and others decide what my Fair Share is and then go after more and more of it for their pet projects. I have pet projects of my own and worthy ones, at that! Give me lots of money and a flat tax and i would do it! And I am with others who have the benefit of being known, for positive things, in a small community....more so here in Kansas, town of 1500 where i grew up, than where i live now, which is not small at all.
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    For a few years I had more money than I knew what to do with so my DH and I gave it to those in need. We did put some aside for retirement. Of course our plans for retirement went haywire. Now I have less than I need and do not regret even a penny of what we gave. I may be short and sometimes do not have enough but enough has always been provided by my HP. I grew up with little money but never felt poor. My sister can recall being promised at Christmas that she would get a basketball (that she dearly wanted). She got it in the spring. She says "I could not have used it outside anyway in the winter." We were raised to be frugal. Leftovers were to be eaten. We had slivers of soap in water to soften to use as shampoo. I still never felt poor. We had a garden and raised animals for meat and milk. There may have been snow on the ledges of the window on the inside when I was young but I had a soapstone for my feet and a feather bed when it was really cold. I do know what lack of money is. i just never felt poor.

    Now I wish I had a bit more money. I have no desire to be rich other than to give it away. Famous. I am famous where it counts, with my friends and family.

    Coming from a small town means that even after being gone 40 years I can go back and still find people who say, " Oh you're one of those _______ girls. I knew one of you moved away. Where did you go again?" I get hugs from classmates who never had time for me in high school. Now they see me as a world traveler. (I have never been to Europe, Australia, or Africa.) I have been to Asia and all over the US. I see how closed our town still is. People are judged by their last names still. There is an attempt to categorize people by their relatives.

    No rich or famous for me. I sometimes think I was born to be a do-gooder. Sometimes I don't think. period.
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