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Which plane is safest? Boeing 737 or

  1. 0 CanadaAir or BoeingDouglas MD 80 ? I was searching Orbitz for flight reservations and these three planes are my choices. Anyone know any
    safety reports/ records on any of these? I don't have a clue. Thanks
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    try http://airsafe.com/. it has a place to search safety records by aircraft model as well as by airline.

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    Remember when, soon after September 11th, a plane FELL out of the sky and landed on New York? Well there are pilots who are employed by Airbus and want to be transfered because there is a fault with the tails of those planes and has been for quite a while. They refuse to fly them anymore.

    I however took about 10 trips on an Airbus since then and I'm obviously still here!
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    I have 2 brothers who are commercial pilots. One of them is currently flying a Canadair and the other flew one in the past but now flies 757s and 767s. The Canadair jets are usually 40-70 passengers and you don't get as much leg and head room (especially in the window seats) as in an MD-80, MD88, or 737. I will usually only fly short legs on the Canadair due to this.

    Both brothers do not think very highly of the Aerbus. "Piece of crap", is usually how they refer to them.

    I remember 5-10 years ago there were a couple of 737 crashes and near crashes that were thought to be related to rudder control and all 737s were required to have the rudders checked. I don't think there has been another incident since.

    And Southwest Airlines flies only 737s and has never had a crash. They are the only major airline that has never had a crash.

    Also, different airlines choose different versions and options of the same plane. (Similar to the way you can buy a car without the fancy options or with them). So you really can't just go by the type of plane.

    I hope this info helps.
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    The maintenance history of the actual plane you are seated on is far more important than what model it is. My husband is a licensed A&P mechanic (airframe & powerplant). Some of the stories he tells about maintenance f#$%-ups are enough that I'll drive, thank you very much!
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    Any difference will be marginal at most, it's probably more dangerous to drive your car, or cross the street!
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    Quote from z's playa
    Remember when, soon after September 11th, a plane FELL out of the sky and landed on New York?
    Yep, November 12th. At the exact time that plane crashed, I was taking off from O'Hare on my way to NYC. Twenty minutes into the flight, as we were over Lake Michigan, the pilot told us he had to turn around and take us back! We found out when we landed that there was a crash and everyone was freaking out. Can you believe the airlines tried to book us for flights 2 hours later? YEAH RIGHT! I went home, took a nap, watched some CNN, and then got back on a plane at 5pm and actually made it to LaGuardia that time. Until that day, I hadn't been on a plane for 14 years out of fear that it would crash. But there I was, boarding a plane TWO times, 2 months after 9/11, to go to NYC of all places, on the day a plane crashed there. What I lacked in guts I made up for with Dramamine and half a Valium. :imbar
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    I usually average about 150,000 miles per year, except for the last year, and almost all have been in Boeing -747s...............age of the plane is also a deciding factor..................
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    unbridled wrote: "And Southwest Airlines flies only 737s and has never had a crash. They are the only major airline that has never had a crash."

    My husband is the number 3 captain for Hawaiian Airlines. They will celebrate their 75th year this year and no crashes. He flies 767's now, but has also flown DC-7's, DC-8's, DC-10's and L10-11, all for Hawaiian.
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    Thanks to everyone for good advice and commentary. Y'all are all verrrry interesting.