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Introduce yourself, tell us why you picked the "handle" you use on Allnurses.com. What does it mean to you?(some are obvious, some just seem obvious, and some are downright ambiguous to figure out). Ask a question about a... Read More

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    I wonder at people who would put up pics of oop: and want analysis from who knows who could be answering. I probably would have been unkind or skipped it.

    We have lost some fun people. I know in a couple of cases they just wanted a break. Every once in a while I take one. I don't visit the yellow side much. I look, lurk, and leave. Sometimes the blue side is better than going to the movies. All the people watching possible without over-priced popcorn and loud kids.

    If I ever changed my name it would have to have something to do with Cadbury eggs. I love those things. Original only, carmel is too sweet, choc. too much chocolate.

    OMG....You are my cadbury soul sister! (Now that is a catchy name!)
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    Cadbury_Soul_Sister1 -and- Cadbury_Soul_Sister2; Now you guys have the new Handles

    I might change mine to: Hot_Wing_Brother, nah!!! (Hotwings are second to Boston's)

    ((But they both close to my heart))
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    I don't know why I waited sooooooo long to join after reading thousands of posts for years upon years. I am shy in real life, that's funny but I am until I warm up to a group. So from 2003 to 2004 to Oct. 2011 I was just a "Guest." A Thread that I felt was judgmental that nobody else chimed in on finally convinced me to join and add my $0.02. It was about dressing professionally and presenting the best on an interview, or just work in general. I was so struck. It hit soooooo close to home. I had been married between my 1st and 2nd semester of ADN school. I was doing everything possible to earn money, working with my father, a construction worker, and my job, a Student Nurse Assistant. My wife was going to College majoring in Social Work, and she got criticized for wearing Jeans to work. We both grew up Southern U.S. poor, but wanted soooooo much more for our future.

    So we bought most of our clothing from a Second hand -or-a Consignment Store at a MS Gulf Coast City. We did our best. They had plenty of male's clothing in my sizes, so I was blessed with Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren Polo, Nautica, and plenty of Healthcare Scrubs in my color required for work at a local Medical Center(all for pennies on the dollar). My wife, (We tried HARD) but it ended up being Jeans, a few slacks, and some dress shirts. I worked every bit of overtime I could (to charge her two nice business class suits, but she couldn't wear them 2-3 times per week). A clinical instructor from her BSW program pulled her aside to talk to her about her attire (mainly the jeans), and it shattered her self-esteem. We had around $60 to eat on for the week usually during (Our Community College/ADN School) + ($ for 2 people X 1 week), and anything extra (expense) would cripple us. I remember selling the laptop I used the last semester of 2003 (for careplans and Pathopapers during school) to buy my Nursing Pin for graduation.

    I felt the OP of that thread needed a reality check and "wake-up" for her "New Grad's First Interview Tips and Advice Thread," and I joined Allnurses.com. Since then I cannot imagine the struggling of Nursing Students trying to make their lives better by entering this great profession to care for people in need, but with current gas prices, grocery prices, rent prices, and utilities; I can only pray they make it- and if they do; That doesn't even guarantee that the "New Grad" can get a job.

    So, Hopeless because-one day while my wife was at work; She called home to tell me she had been pulled aside, and told her jeans were "unacceptable" for her practicum (pressed with seem, and in good condition), I cried. I cried and felt like a failure. If I if hadn't married young, I wouldn't be here now (did I do the right thing? (rhetorical.). My mother was mentally ill with Bi-Polar Disorder, and I couldn't study the ABC's in our home with her varying moods. My wife's situation was the same with multiple family problems to boot (several addicts and alcoholics moved in with her family). So we got married young, to escape our situations (Her growing up in a trailer park to successful college graduate who was self sufficient. Me from a family with Mental Illness, and a father's work injury reseting our social standing)- We gave it our all. We both graduated. We beat poverty.

    We had adopted a Boston that we named "Tag" because he had got several price tags stuck to him on an over-night stay upstairs above my parents' general store, and had a fascination with stickers from there out. He was the one thing that stayed positive thoughout every struggle we faced. He was our pet therapist. We both succeeded together, but he was a constant source of humor, relief, and unconditonal love through every trial. So I used him in my "handle," because he proved more loyal than my wife. I don't blame her- as we both agreed very very young what our "marriage" was for. I got where I "planned' to get, I just didn't know the "true cost" of the journey. It sure beats where I started.

    And, speaking of "starts," if you remember the harsh responce to that innocent poster's thread on Resume and Interviewing Tips- That's why I acted such an idiot when it was posted. Because it struck so close to home. Because I had learned to get the full reason for the situation, before I judged.

    I wouldn't trade my life's lessons for anything- their who I am. I still can't believe I defeated poverty, but I don't deserve the credit- I know my creator does!! I could have been voted "Most likely NOT to succeed,"... but somehow- we made it.

    I am grateful. I am Humbled! I am now free!!!!!!!! I have arrived,... I am BostonTerrierLoverRN!!!!
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    I believe God gave you free will. You did the work of attending nursing school and finding employment in difficult times. Most of us know how difficult nursing school is in the best of economic situations. Not so much intellectally but the emotions and responsibility for peoples life and comfort is immense.

    I believe nursing work is as important as any job people do. Social work is right up there too.

    I'm certain many agree with me that we are very glad you joined and began posting. You are already a valued member of the allnurses community.
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    @herringRN- I Appreciate that

    I can't imagine, that was in 2003 when the hospitals came to the schools with lunch and all the freebies!! They would set up recruiting tables sometimes in our parking lot. We had good paying jobs to look forward to, and the certainty of employment.

    I can't imagine the sacrifice now without even being certain you can get a position anywhere. That was a blessing, and a part of my life I will always cherish!! I still have tons of the freebies left with tons of Medical Center Logos all over them.I couldn't believe the fat crazy sign-on bonuses everywhere. We would dream ourselves sick what we would buy- where we'd live, etc. hahaha

    I hope soon students get to see that "cheese" ahead of them again, those were fun times (I eat enough Spam and Loaf bread to fill a Hospital)
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    older thread but.... i am anotherone. just another whiner and complainer ( mostly post vents), another nurse another one (person)
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    My user name is my mother's middle name + my cat's name. My avatar is a picture of Einstein with the following quotation across it: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". I love this quote b/c it reminds me that sometimes speaking up is not only permissible - it is necessary.
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    My user name is boring....My first name (Frances)....and..... I'm a nurse. Voila!

    At the time, I think I was so dang excited to FINALLY be done with school, to be an RN (Real Nurse) that I wore this name as a badge of honor. At times I have regretted using my first name due to less privacy but hey, I am not the only Frances in the world.

    And I am still dang proud to be a nurse. It IS a badge of honor.
    We may have those days where we are tired, had a crappy day, and wonder "why in the heck did I go into this profession?" . But all in all, I am glad I did it. I am proud to be a nurse.
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    We have several cats and as I read various "cat" usernames, there were so many cute ones, that I chose another direction. We also had a shar pei (now two) so I decided to go in that direction instead.
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