What's in a Name?

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    Introduce yourself, tell us why you picked the "handle" you use on Allnurses.com. What does it mean to you?(some are obvious, some just seem obvious, and some are downright ambiguous to figure out). Ask a question about a members handle you follow, of even their avatar choice. I have SO MANY. I saw one avatar that intrigued me so, I had to PM her to ask what the story behind it was- and it was important to me find out its meaning!(a quote on ribbons that I tried to blow-up the size to read them), and she gracefully explained the quote on the ribbons against the sky in her avatar (that was one of my favorites!) It never seems like the right time to ask, that it will go off topic, and be disrespectful to the OP to ask. So now it's open season- What's in your name and avatar?
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    Hi! Mine is pretty self explanatory. I Love my Boston's!!! I change avatars frequently with their pictures, but the one I am using now is "Bo" who can only sleep on his back, so he can snore louder than a train at 8lbs (he was a pup in the picture) I help rescue Boston Terriers by donation, MS Spay/Neuter, and by temporary housing- but mainly by donation now that I am in a small 2BR condo. We recently lost Tag (who was by the Christmas Tree) in past avatar after an awesome 13 years.
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    My user name is 'TheCommuter' because I've done lots of commuting in the past 10 years.

    I was born and raised in coastal southern California. In 2003, I was 22 years old and had been working at a factory for two years in the same city where I was born and raised.

    However, the cost of living in this city was becoming outrageous. I could either rent a decent 1-bedroom apartment for more than $1,000 monthly in my hometown or purchase a house in a cheaper inland city located far away from the job. I decided to buy the house and commute 120 miles one way three days per week. My 30-year fixed mortgage was $866 monthly for a 2-story 3-bedroom 2.5 bathroom house built in the mid 1980s. I commuted for about 1 year before it got tiring.

    My next move was to switch careers in order to find employment near my house. I quit my factory job in 2004 and enrolled in a 12-month LVN program. The problem was that the school was located 95 miles away from my house, so I commuted 190 miles per day, 5 days per week round trip until I was finished in 2005.

    In 2009 I returned to school to complete an LPN-to-RN bridge program. I was living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and the school was located across state lines in Oklahoma City, so I commuted 225 miles one way (450 miles round trip) twice a week for 14 months.

    Do I want to do any more commuting? Heck no...
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    My avatar is a photoshop version of an actual picture of me at my pinning ceremony, or maybe it was graduation, I forget but the original picture is on my profile page. I picked nursel56 because it combines the word nurse with the first two letters of my first name and my birth year. That would be in in Eisenhower's term, not Buchanan's. Just a little Crusty Old Bat joke, there. Heh. I don't like it anymore but I can't think of anything better so I left it.

    Oh yeah, there is a member here who's username is "eyeball". She doesn't post much anymore. I never thought of sending a PM, though. Eyeball, if you see this message shoot me a PM if you would like to share your reason for choosing that!
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    My Dad's Name was Dung De Do Do but he shortened it when we got off the Ship, "The Floater" to make it sound more American.

    I was raised on a mountain top in Tennessee. The Greenest State in the Land of the Free. Walked into my First Bar when I was only three. I didn't go there to drink- I just needed to pee! Daa-vey, Davey Do! (etc.)

    My Avatar is copied from a photo that came with the Wallet.

    That's about all I can tell you except the Guy I stole it from didn't carry much cash.
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    This is too cool, I've already got some questions answered! That is so cool nursel56!(I thought it was a postage stamp, Lol! See, this going to be interesting!!
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    I crochet. Crocheting is actually just tying knots. I lived in Alaska for many yers. I had decided when I retired I would open a yarn shop. Well, I retired, did not open the shop, but have enough yarn that I could have. I changed the name from AKnottedyarn to the present form.

    My avatar? Well I don't change it often. That is Topaz, my jewel. Short version is that she is a rescued Whippet who had been a mamma dog in a puppy mill until it was raided for drug manufacturing. She had 6 pups when I met her and she was a great mother. Now she will never have more pups and instead treats me as her one and only. I am blessed to have her in my life.

    A crusty old bat, one of the more elderly, I think, who was born before the Forgotten War. My tag lines give a hint to my views of the responsibilities of people. I do change those a bit more frequently. Currently I am looking for a new tag.
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    Aknottedyarn, congrats, yours was another I wondered the origin- I am so happy
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    My tag is very boring and unoriginal. It's just the school I graduated from. How lame. My avatar is a pic I found of a cat licking a rainbow sno-cone. I love pictures of silly animals, and actual silly animals. I'm not technologically smart enough to post my own pics.
    Nursing is my second career. I spent many years working in laboratory medicine and managment before going back to nursing school and becoming a NP. I'm a relatively new nurse in an AARP sanctioned body.
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    @Your avatar!! Too cute!! I Love Boston College, my Grandfather got his MD there- and my stupid self thought it meant "British Columbia," so I am so glad you stopped by!!!

    I also love your Mascot, Obviously!!

    Do you have the "Boston-Southie" accent? Too Sexy!!
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