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What is the last movie you have seen? (theaters or tv) - page 2

Just curious. :rolleyes: What movie did you see last, either on tv,dvd, netflix,etc., or at the movies? What movie do you want to nee next? I saw the Lorax at the movies with my family (it... Read More

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    The Borrowers was adorable! Loved their clothes My last was Downfall - a German movie about the last days of Hitler in his fhrerbunker. I watch almost everything online now.
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    I watched My Left Foot last night. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing in that role!
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    I thought you meant you were looking at your left foot. Just got home from work...tired..
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    I went to see a movie with a client called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Beautiful and the Elderly. It was about a group of pensioners who went to India for some adventure. It was superb, a little bit discriminating though on the first part but it's very entertaining.
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    I don't remember right now (the last movie I've seen). But, "the hunger games" looks good.
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    I have not watched television at home since July 2010.

    I have not been to the movie theater since 2008.
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    Toy Story 3, I dont get out much!!

    I want to see 21 Jump Street (I think thats what its called?) It looks funny
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    i took my youngest child to see "the lorax 3d" it kept me awake, it was a funny movie. it's the first movie in a long time, that we go see at the theater. having said that, we usually rent our movies from red-box :d
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    I don't usually like rated r movies but I think me and hubby are going to see the movie Safe. Will also be taking my son to see Pirates movie.
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    My Sister and I usually go to the midnight premiers with her friends from work. The last premier we went to see was Hunger Games. We made it a point to see the movie before reading the book, usually we read the book first and that always seems to ruin our expectations of the movie. I am eager to see The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and the new Spiderman movies. What can I say other than I am a sucker for a super hero flick!
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    I saw "The Avengers" a few days ago. Loved it!
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    I saw the Avengers yesterday with my son. I thought it was going to be corny but it was really good. We might see it again next week with my hubby. I also want to see the Pirates movie (I think it's from the makers of Wallace and Grommit and we love those ) and maybe Dark Shadows.
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    We have a small movie theater by my house that charges $5 for movies before 5pm so we have been going to the movies alot lately. I ended up seeing Avengers a second time (took hubby this time). I really liked this movie and if someone asked, I would probably go see it again. I have also seen Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Men in Black. The last two times I didn't eat popcorn. I think I am popcorned out. I enjoyed all of the movies for different reasons. I kind of still want to see Dark Shadows but some have told me not to waste my time, maybe I will save that one for Netflix. In regards to movie trailers, there are some new ones coming out I want to see in the future; another Spiderman movie, where he finds out more about his parents and the lizard guy in the white lab coat is the villian, and there is another Batman movie coming out. The only thing that bugs me in the Batman movies lately is I want to give Batman a throat lozenge.