Welcome to the morning thread Friday November 16, 2012

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    Morning kids! Even though it is Friday I am working (today and tomorrow) - I am not complaining! but for those of you in the same boat - and not happy ((((Hugs)))) and hope it is a great day

    nothing new from yesterday for me. Hoping we hear a hello from any lurkers

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    Dis is pretty cute too

    My pastor's son has a scooter and has taken some funny pix of himself with it, gonna post this to his page.

    Last edit by Liddle Noodnik on Nov 16, '12
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    Good Morning Liddle,

    Yeah I woke in a silly mood LOL

    Love the art work made me smile that is for sure. Hope you have a great day my friend.

    Well our Award dinner went off so well and it was a load of fun. I received a 10yr award certificate and a gift voucher to pick out something really nice. Some of my colleagues spoke of me and made me cry. What a lot of laughter we had last night. I am truly blessed to be working in an organization that truly cares about their employees. Very proud of everyone last night.

    Very happy to get home to two puppies who did not leave our sides, they were happy to get inside and snuggle in their beds.

    Did my CPR revision and got that out of the way then enjoyed our Thanksgiving/ Birthday celebrations in our office. What a spread of food there was I think we could have fed all who lived in the area. LOL

    Got my visits out of the way and still finished up early to get ready for our dinner.

    Not sure what I have on the plate today I may have two visits but after that I am going to see if I could finish earlier and just come home to chill out and get the house work taken care of.

    Hope you all have a blessed day.

    Love ya heaps.
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    Good day all.

    The art work says it all. A great TGIF to all. I am working and going to court to do some hand holding with a very frightened mother. The story is tragic and she and I connected on a few levels so when she asked me to be there, I said yes. My work can wait, except for one motion that is so critical to one of our clients that the boss is hand delivering to the judge first thing this morning. I have it all done, just need to review it, after a good night's rest to see if it is solid.

    The boss still shows me ads for me to become a legal nurse consultant. I had to sit him down and review my age and the fact that I love doing what I am doing. i am sure I would do well but I really would rather take it easy and be the office manager with a brain. I can do some interviewing and explain things in non-legal language. it is a hold over from learning how to explain in non-medical language.

    Anyway, today is a good day. The DSS's gf gets to pick up her first real pay check! I believe DSS also gets paid today. I am thrilled to see them being successful.

    Best get at it. I have sunned enough and now need to get the day started.
    Have a great day.
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    Morning AKY Sabby Liddle

    It's Friday!

    Had our book discussion last night, talked about other things too, didn't get home too late, which was nice. Liked the Australian chocolates, particularly the cookies, the tim-tams. Work was OK as well, not too busy.

    Don't expect any trouble at work today. Going to do the laundry tonight, have to do the exercise bike too as I didn't do it last night. Might be really ambitious and do the grocery shopping too but maybe I'll just make out the list.

    This weekend should be quiet, going to see my dad, going to usher at church, but nothing else planned.
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    Good morning!

    I'm brewing some coffee as I type this. I plan to take a nap today because I am scheduled to work the next couple of nights.

    Have a most fabulous Friday, everyone!
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    Afternoon all!

    Liddle, I have the utmost respect for my dr, he is a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, but a bit old-fashioned and conservative in his approach to wound care. Saline soaks and exposure to sunlight have their place, but have proved almost disastrously time-consuming in this case. After discussing the Intrasite with our wound care specialist, I'll be continuing with the betadine. LAST thing I want now is another colony flourishing in that wound!

    Glad you had such a great evening, Sabby.

    I don't think I've told you guys the Saga of the Lost Kitty! One night a week before I was admitted for the op, last week in Sept, I heard pleading meows coming from the front of the house. Sure enough, sitting on the window sill of the dining room and begging to be let in was a little cat. She was so small and thin, but as soon as I opened the door ran in as though she had come home. I could see she was just emerging from kittenhood, and thought she was a stray from one of our local cat owners. We put up posters, my son (who had come down to be here when I had the op) went door to door, and we put her pic on the community FB page. Nobody recognized her. I went in for the op, came out, she was living like royalty in my bedroom! Then I developed the leg problems, was confined to bed and ultimately was re-admitted. By this time it had become apparent that Madam was - wait for it - PREGNANT! And it was too late to do anything about it. Without a doubt, she arrived here enciente . I am now facing the prospect of being an unwilling granny to a litter of kitteh furbabies.... Anyone want a kitten?

    Of course, what makes me spitting mad is that this cat came out of someone's home. Whoever her owners were, they allowed this tiny little thing to come into heat and be impregnated without any consideration for her, or the fact that the area is overrun with feral cats! I wish they could come up with an injection to be administered before weaning which would render them infertile!

    Ah well, I must just pray it's a small litter. The way she's bulging though....

    Happy Friday, everyone!
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    Good Morning! I love the pictures today,very cute. I am so glad it is Friday. Hoping today is quick and "q. You know the Q word we never dare to say. I have school until one today, then off to my loss place for a weight in and two weeks of different foods I can eat.Have a great day. Virgo
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    Happy Friday! I'm off for the next three days and am very glad about that. I need to get my house cleaned up and start Thanksgiving prep.

    Sabby-I'm so glad you were recognized last night. It sounds like a nice evening. Liddle-it sounds like you're liking your job. AKY-that's wonderful about DSS and his gf. I hope things continue to go well for them. Joe-did you do a Tim Tam Slam?? Commuter-enjoy that nap! GHG-I hope the wound heals quickly. I would take one of those kittens in a minute if we were on the same continent!

    Hey to everyone wlse who pops in later.

    Now the day off dilemma-back to bed with a book or go to the gym?? Decisions, decisions....
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    Goonie, I figured I would offer to take a kitten only if you delivered in person. Jim hates cats and I am allergic to them so I guess we are safe.

    I have no idea what a Tim Tam is. Am I the only one who is lost?

    Sabby, How could I have missed saying congrats about your award and the recognition. You certainly earned it. 300 reviews. I get tired just thinking about that much.

    Court went well. Our client was offered a great deal, and even better he decided to start AA without any pressure from court. Good to see. I have been working with him for 6 months and I knew he would see the light. I am glad he did before more damage.
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