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Wednesday October 19, 2016

  1. 9 G'day!

    Working four of the next five days...the bad week.

    Had a nice afternoon yesterday at the beach and dinner out. The weather was perfect.

    The rescue organization have called my references and apparently are moving ahead with my application for another dog. I'm going to hate to leave Billy alone today to go to work, but he's used to it, just not alone. Poor thing. It is what it is.

    Have a great day!
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    Good Morning!

    It's 4:45 AM (EST) here in this part of the world.

    Yesterday was a LOVELY day. Took our BlackLab-Mixed-With-Something dog (Mayson) hiking in a nearby hiking area. Got some good exercise and pretty site-seeing in. Mayson loved hiking and the sniffing, of course. Found a lovely lake to go canoeing. So, we drove back home, placed the canoe on top of car, drove back to this lovely hiking/canoeing area and went canoeing. The weather was perfect with 79-degree temperatures and a cooling breeze. And the trees?!? Full of color and full of splendor. It really was an exceptional day outside, yesterday.

    Today?!? Got lots of errands to do as we prepare to leave for Italy this Friday. Right in the middle of the packing and the banking stuff, I have a scheduled hospital work-related meeting to attend between the nursing union and management. I'm on the nursing union team, of course. I plan on sitting there, with my mouth shut, as the lawyers from both sides discuss stuff. (We're told not to say anything during the negotiations, and to let the lawyers do the talking.) What's kind of surreal about this is that I have a scheduled interview with the Nursing Director (or Vice-President of the hospital, I really don't remember her real title), tomorrow, for a Per Diem Shift Director (Nursing Supervisor) position. Remember, I work for a teeny-tiny hospital. It's just weird that I will be sitting next to the person, today, during the union/management contract negotiations today, who will be interviewing me, tomorrow, for this administrative position. LOL!

    I just read yesterday's posts just now and thought that I would respond to them now.

    Joe - Glad to read that you had a quiet day at work, the other day. Hope it continues on. Hope your date with "J" goes well tonight.

    Tweety - Our Mayson is down in the dumps, too, seemingly missing his "buddy" Chelsea. They were good friends. I wish you well as you look at adopting another rescued Italian Greyhound canine family member. We've always adopted our dog through similar agencies and will continue to do so in the future. Hope the adoption process goes well for you.

    BCgradnurse - I wonder if there is a remote possibility of us meeting each other in Italy. We're even leaving on the same day! It looks like that we'll be too far apart, though. Our schedule is jammed-pack with site-seeing adventures, though. We're traveling with a larger group that's been organized for this trip. Knowing where you'll be this next week, it seems like we won't be able to get together this time around. Bummer! In the meanwhile, enjoy your trip! (Please share YOUR pictures, if you're comfortable doing so!)

    Steph - Wow! Seems like yesterday was a busy day for your family! Curious. Is son #1 coming to say with you for a while? (I'm a little confused with all of the travel plans your husband and son(s) were making yesterday.) (Doesn't take much for me to be confused. LOL!) Seems like you had a busy day for yourself, yesterday. Waiting for those doctor or dentist appointments can be very frustrating. Hope today goes well for you and your family.

    Farawyn - Your trip to Florida then to Montauk sounds like fun! Hope YOU share some pictures of your trips!

    herring_RN - Glad to read that you're feeling better, at least feeling better enough to exercise at the gym, yesterday. Hope you continue to feel better!

    Rose_Queen - Good to read that you're having a great trip! I'm a Game of Thrones fan, too. Very cool that you were able to see where they filmed the episodes, and that you were able to pet the dire wolves (Northern Inuit dogs). Hope you share some photos, too! Yes???

    Well. . . It is now 5:22 AM (EST) here. It's going to be a busy day today. I am NOT looking forward to the union/management contract negotiation meeting today. I'm doing it more because I committed myself to this task (because no one else seemed willing to be part of the process). There really isn't anything too crazy being negotiated, that I can see. I certainly do not want to lose anything. As for getting some kind of pay increase, well, that's what negotiations are all about! LOL! But I could do without going to this meeting, today. Ugh! LOL!

    Cheers, folks!

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    Hi Tweety! Looks like we both posted Wednesday's "Good Morning" thread at the same time. LOL! Hope work is kind to you these next five days.

    Moderators, could you please combine our two "Good Morning" threads?!? Thank you.

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    Good Morning Tweety, Ted and all who pop in,

    My heart is sad for both Tweety and Ted on the loss of treasured family members, it is one of the toughest things when we have fur kids that we love.

    Tweety I am sure Billy will be fine, he will snuggle down and snooze until Daddy gets back home to him. Just fuss over him when you get home so he still knows you love him and of course they just enjoy getting the attention.

    Ted how is your sweet pooch doing since Chelsea passed away? Hugs to both of you.

    Life has been busy but good for us, hubby applied for another job and has an interview this evening so I whispered up a prayer for him.

    Have been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather, working outside getting ready to plant my spring bulbs into the garden hubby has prepared for me. Putting down fertilizer on the lawn and just reorganizing things.

    Walking the dogs 2-3 times per day when not working because the weather is just glorious and the dogs just love getting out and about PLUS it is good for me to get that fresh air in the lungs.

    Work has been interesting to say the least but the newest Case Manager is not working out and I pray she finds a new job sooner than later because she is not happy and cannot keep up taking care of 10 patients in an entire week.
    Last Thursday she still had 7 patients to see!! Not touching that one. LOL

    The leaves are slow in changing this year but just not sure if the colors are going to be as vibrant due to the drier summer etc.

    I am still enjoying my cross stitching and am waiting for my new one to arrive.

    So what is new with everyone, what have I missed?

    Have a most excellent day no matter what you get up to.

    Much love to you all.

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    Sabby_NC - Our Mayson seems a bit down. He seems to notice that the daily routines that the two did together have changed. We're giving him a bit more attention which he seems to appreciate. But he seems to miss her. Glad to read that all is well with you and your family!
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    Hi Tweety, Ted and Sabby,

    Have a good shift Tweety.

    Ted, best of luck with the negotiations and the interview. I think you'll do well with the interview. Dang but your life is exciting - going to Italy too in a few days.

    Sabby, the case manager story sounds familiar. It's funny how some people take to home health hospice and some don't. Enjoy planting the bulbs and may I say it's lovely that your hubby prepared the bed for you.

    I got through my work week just fine - I was a little apprehensive after 19 days off. Vacations really do the world of good and one does go back to work refreshed and renewed. Daughter has a wisdom tooth causing all manner of problems and needs oral surgery. She needs to make an appointment today. Having had similar problems myself, I wish we could ban wisdom teeth.

    I'll be going to the gym early at 5am as I woke up way too early. Got mail in ballots yesterday. I want to fill mine out and mail it back today. I'm so sick of this election that I feel it will be "over" at least for me if I do that today.
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    Morning Ted Tweety Sabby St Neoster

    Little bit nervous this morning. Talked with J last night about his upcoming prostate biopsy. The urologist says it's probably not cancer, but still....He's pretty calm about it

    Yesterday wasn't bad at work, though for the last 3 hours my phone died. They're going to send a replacement today

    I'm headed to the city this morning for a conference for some CEUs. Nice to get out of the office. Not looking forward to the drive into the city

    Meeting J tonight for our usual date
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    Joe - I wish "J" well as he undergoes that prostate biopsy (OUCH!). Hope the results are negative!!
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    Morning, all.

    The contractor showed up at 6:45 this AM, so I'm up and ready to go. It's supposed to hit 80 today. I wish I had the day off. SO got back from a trade show in LA last night, and surprised me with an iPad. He won it in a raffle. Now I have to figure out how to use it.

    Tweety-I hope the bad week isn't too bad. Sabby-I wish Joey good luck with his interview. I planted a bunch of bulbs last week. I sprinkled them with garlic oil so the squirrels don't dig them up. Ted-how was your hike yesterday? StNeotser-hope your DD feels better. My DD had her wisdom teeth out last month. It wasn't too bad. Joe-I'm keeping you and J in my thoughts and hoping the biopsy is negative.

    Wishing everyone a good day!
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    Good morning all.

    Woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep so here I am, drinking coffee.

    Ted - my oldest son finished up with the stem cell transplant and pushed the doctors for discharge so he could get his family moved up to Washington. He has a new job that starts Oct 24. My husband and my 2nd oldest son flew out yesterday at 6 a.m. to drive the U-Haul from Texas to Washington. They got there, loaded the truck, and left for WA last night. The oldest son will leave this morning and catch up to them since they stopped and slept at a hotel. My daughter-in-law and kids will fly up to WA on Sunday; I think she's staying with her parents.

    I'll be back on call at 07 and then our IDT meeting is at noon.

    I will have to reschedule my dental appointment. I really like the office where I go and have been a patient there for 30 years. I just scheduled back to back appointments and having more start so late would be me late for the second one as well.

    I did cover my tomatoes last night - the rain has stopped and it could get cold enough to give them frost bite. I hope not - still have a lot of green tomatoes on the vines.

    I should turn on some music and do some cleaning . . . or folding of laundry.

    Hope you all have a good day!
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    Good morning all.
    Threads merged.

    Hope your day goes well.
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    Arrgghhh . . . it did freeze and I didn't start my car early but it wouldn't have done any good because my heater isn't working and I had to get Spidey to school. My windshield was solid ice . . .

    You should have seen us . . . Spidey scraped my side of the windshield and we had all the windows down so I could see . . . brrrrrr!
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    Afternoon all! Not home yet but I am at least back within the borders of the country. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and living on the fur babies. Even with a pet sitter, they're still getting less loves than normal because the cats hide from everyone but me. I also want a good, hot, long shower with lots of hot water and water pressure.