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Wednesday Jan11teeaitch

  1. 10 Gidday all. Short headsup as Im on my tablet and typing is hard. I have an answer to my problem and I was right all along. Underfunctioning pancreas, so I start on Creon today and maybe go home tomorrow. Pretty happy. Hope all are ok peace hooroo
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    Quote from bushambo
    Gidday all. Short headsup as Im on my tablet and typing is hard. I have an answer to my problem and I was right all along. Underfunctioning pancreas, so I start on Creon today and maybe go home tomorrow. Pretty happy. Hope all are ok peace hooroo
    Michael: I hope the Creon helps you feel better. Glad it is something medication can treat. I had to look it up, but know people who take pancreatic enzymes.

    I'm feeling good today.
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    This is indeed, good news!
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    That is indeed good news Michael. I hope the medication helps your symptoms.

    Work was o.k. yesterday. Steady busy. Yesterday was an overtime day for me and I was told the bean counters canceled the overtime bonus. I promptly informed the manager that to avoid hardship I would honor the next two weeks I scheduled overtime, but to remove the the overtime I scheduled on the next work schedule. It angered me because there was a notice they would offer OT bonuses for the winter season which in Florida is "The Season". They might bring it back on a weekly basis instead of offering it the entire season. Yet they can hire seasonal contract nurses at a whole lot more than paying us a bonus. budget is 3 12's a week and I don't need to work overtime was just padding the savings for future use and emergencies since I had some of those this past year that I need to get over.

    Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Gidday Tweety ol mate. Hope you get your paysorted. Same thing happens over here. Doesnt affect me as I am a volunteer. Bedtime in the hospital for me. Luckily I m on 6 hour obs now. Hooroo
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    Michael I'm glad you found a solution

    Morning Herring nurse22 Tweety

    Went into the suburban office and had my 3 hour meeting Talked about a lot of the issues we face, was glad we did. Was difficult getting everything done and was a bit frustrated but it did get done.

    Also frustrating, J is thinking about going somewhere this weekend, we tried to check out this hotel but kept having problems seeing the same stuff on the web site, took forever. Not going to work I think, I need to be at church Saturday and have an appointment Monday. Might manage 1 day, we'll see.

    Have my appointment this morning for fasting labs. Glad I have the day off, fasting always makes me feel tired and irritable

    Going to see J tonight as usual
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    Good morning!
    Michael, I'm glad for once you have a quick fix!

    I'm still sad from Obama's farewell speech last night. Class is leaving the building.

    My Big Kid left last night, and the house is so quiet with just The Kid and I. I guess this is my new normal until August, when I am completely alone. I've never been alone.

    It's a bit warmer today. Everything seems to be melting. Until next time...

    Have a good day. it's Wednesday. Wear pink!
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    Good Morning!

    Michael - I've cared for many-an-individual who did just fine using pancreatic enzymes for their "under functioning pancreas". As others have shared already, it is nice to read that there's a relatively "quick fix" to your symptoms. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Good Morning, herring_RN and nursej22.

    Tweety - Not cool for your hospital to pull the overtime bonus. They should be grateful to have well seasoned and dedicated RNs working for them, and show their gratitude accordingly. Hope it get sorted out in your favor.

    Joe - Glad your meeting went well. Hope the week-end plans with "J" works out for you two. Good luck with the blood work.

    Farawyn - Didn't watch President Obama's farewell speech yet. Plan on doing so later today. Oh dear. . . that "empty nest" thing. I honestly don't have any advice to share. Don't have kids and I like being alone. But in listening to other parents (single and otherwise) talk about the "empty nest syndrome", it seems to take time to adjust to being alone once the "kids" leave. Be gentle with yourself (and maybe surround yourself with family and friends???). (((Hugs))))

    Been up most of the night working on this new piece I'm sharing. It's another "pop instrumental" titled, "The Answer to Your Question". (Seemed like a cool title to add to a tune! LOL!)

    It's a warm, sunny day outside with temperatures in the 40s. Think I'll go for a nice walk with my camera and take some photos (and also get some much-needed exercise). Hope all who travel here today have a nice day! Peace!


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    Good morning everyone.

    Michael - good to hear you got some answers. Hope you are already home by now.

    Tweety - silly admins . . . they make a bigger headache for themselves sometimes.

    Far - I don't think I have anything pink . . . still.

    Joe - glad the meeting went well and hope you get at least one day away.

    Ted - I was up most of the night again as well. I've got to get back on some kind of schedule for sleeping. Night before last I slept 10 hours. That might have been part of the culprit last night - sleeping in past my usual get-up time.

    Our basement flooded last night - did I mention that already? The street side of the house had a large berm of snow and the rain was coming down as torrent and slid right down that berm and into our basement via two windows. Didn't get too far into the room and the floor is concrete so we just mopped and used the Wet Vac.

    Back on call. IDT meeting at noon.

    You all have a great day!
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    Great news Michael!!

    Very busy day today, so will try and come back later.
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    Evening, all! Michael, good to hear your news.

    Myself? Can I just go back to bed and pretend this day didn't happen? It all started with a very very cold morning. My car door lock froze. While it was parked in my garage and semi-protected from the elements. So, I started my day sitting in my freezing garage aiming my hair dryer at my car. Got to work an hour late. Then, it was cancel this case but we're going to add on this other case that'll take twice as long. Oh, and let's throw 3 emergencies in the mix. One widow maker MI from cath lab, one emergent return to surgery, and one EP lab perforating the right ventricle trying to put in pacemaker leads. I wasn't even on call and just got home 45 minutes ago. The loser list call team left at the same time I did, and the call team was still working. On call tomorrow, so I hope all the bad stuff happened today and tomorrow will be free and clear. Oh, and I blame this on not wearing pink today.
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    Dumping snow again . . . late start tomorrow for school . . . possible snow day. Again. School District just called . . . Spidey is of course very happy.

    I started my workout at the gym tonight . . . but watched the snow start to fall and headed home early (20 miles).

    Made spaghetti squash with sautéed onions, artichoke hearts, spinach. Yummy.

    Hope you are all having a good evening and are safe and sound at home.
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    Rosie, it's always about the pink. Thanks for the plug.