Wednesday February 19, 2014

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    Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Wonderful day yesterday working out in the field, no issues getting around to visit patients although some of the side roads were large enough to get one vehicle through at a time just glad I did not meet anyone going the other way.

    Planning on another great day with 4 visits but we have a Breakfast for Brainiacs first so I am going to head off shortly to make a Florentine quiche for them to nosh on. Easy to make but so delicious although I do not put the bacon in it but substitute it for sausage. That lot love their meat!!!

    Enjoyed getting home to play with the dogs and have some snuggle time. I think they are so over the snow now as they cannot run around as much as they normally do poor loves.

    I have a feeling there may be some snow balls flying at the office this morning so I am going prepared and take hubby's hard hat as that snow is a little hard. LOL I will show them I can play with the best of them.

    I may get there a little earlier and have a stash of them all ready rolled and ready to fly!! LOL

    Hope you all have a mahhhvelous day no matter what you get up to.

    Much love to you all from this l'il Walton here. LOL
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    Good morning, Sabby. Oh I can taste that from here. No one invited me to a bkft. for brainiacs. That's OK I started my job and would have had to decline. We had snow yesterday at rush hour. I did not have to go in until a bit later so by the time I was on the road it was clear and just wet. We all took it a bit easier because of the possibility of black ice. I think all the roads I was on had been pre-treated so no issues.

    Good day all. So far I like the new job. It is very different than my last job, and more computer focused. Interesting thing is that he hired me because he felt I would be able to independent decisions. He is not worried about my computer skills. Actually I have learned enough that I am not fearful of new programs, anymore.

    It is to warm up, although right now we are at a whopping 29 degrees. They forecast 60 today. How can you dress for these days? (if you don't get to wear scrubs.)

    Best get going. I think oatmeal with craisins for bkft. while I imagine I am eating Sabby's delish meat filled treat. I actually don't eat bkft meats so I am OK with missing it

    Have a great day and enjoy.
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    Evening Sabbt AK and er, me. Going on to snooze time here. Hope the snooze will happen. My back is most uncooperative and hurting muchly, but not as much as all those people with proper ailments. My little Jane engine is singing away so hopefully I've fixed her.
    Y aaaaawn. G;night M
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    Michael hope your back feels better.

    AKY I'm glad you like the job

    Sabby it's still pretty snowy here too

    We've finally got some warm weather here so the snow is melting. Which is nice, especially since I had to shovel my car out yesterday

    Finally got a good night's sleep, only got up once. I think the insomnia I had was due to (or perhaps the cause of) a migraine that hit yesterday. It went away though. I've been expecting one with the new diet, migraines don't like change.

    Work wasn't bad yesterday, got done what I needed to. Hopefully today will be the same. Have to arrange delivery for some more office equipment. Still cleaning out the storage space, hope to have that done this week
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    Good morning Sabby, Joe, Michael, and AKY.

    AKY: I'm glad you like your new job.

    I hope Michael finally had a good sleep. Glaf you did joe.

    I'm ready to leave for work.
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    Morning everyone! Absolutely gorgeous day with sunshine and blue sky. Not very cold either. Might just have to take a walk!

    My day off except for the IDT meeting at 12:15 p.m.

    So many housework things staring at me . . . . but that walk sounds better.

    Enjoy today!
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    Just Popped to say, "Hi!" Sabby. AKY. Michael. Joe. herring. steph. The Progeny.

    Busy at Work Last Night.

    Bicycled for the 2nd Time this Week, in about 2 weeks. Been Too Cold, Too Messy. Aerobic Workouts have been done on my Basement Elliptical and at the Gym. Nothing like Biking in the Great Outdoors!

    A Good Day to You All!
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    Good Night. . . sleep tight. . . don't let the bed-bugs bite.

    It's 10:25 PM (EST) here. It's "Slumber Time" for most.

    Spent the day doing the ACLS re-cert thing. Passed with flying colors. After the re-cert class, I walked outside to meet more snow.

    Snow. . . We expect it here in the north-east. After all, it's winter time. It snowed today. Added another 3 or 4 inches. THEN, it warmed up a bit. Above freezing. This caused the precipitation to change from snow to rain/freezing rain. The roads? They suck. I made it up our drive-way. My loving wife? Didn't. I could hear the tears as she called me from her cell-phone. The car was stuck, side-ways, in the middle of the driveway. Managed to get it down the driveway. Turned it around. Put it in first gear. Floored it. Finally, got it to the top and into the garage. Then the furnace decided to not work. Again. Called the "Mr. I Fix The Furnace Guy". He's good. But he can't make it up my driveway. Again. So I drove down to get him. Got him. Drove back up. No problems (thankfully). He looked at the furnace that works whenever it wants to. Tapped a do-higgy-thing-a-ma-bob and WALLA! It works. The do-higgy-thing-a-ma-bob needs to be replaced. Will have the part in by Monday or Tuesday. In the meanwhile, should the furnace not work. Again. I just tap the do-higgy-thing-a-ma-bob. Again. And the house gets heated. Hopefully. Thanked "Mr. I Fix the Furnace Guy". Paid him. Again. Then drove him back down to his car. Again.

    I am now going to teach you French. Actually, it's one word. It's the French word for "Seal": Phoque. "Seal" and the French word for "Seal", phoque, has become my two favorite words. I'll use them, and variations of them, interchangeably.

    This snow is all sealed up. I sealing hate snow.

    I want to learn more French. It's a beautiful language.

    aknottedyarn - Congrats on the new job! Glad you like it!

    Davey Do - I sealing hope that the weather warms up so that we can all exercise outside. Bicycling outside is a wonderful thing.

    Steph - I'm sealing happy that your day was a "gorgeous" one.

    herring_RN - Love your new Avatar. Hope your work-day went well.

    Joe - Sleep is a wonderful thing. I sealing hope that someday I experience a full night's sleep. Warm days are wonderful too. They melt snow.

    Michael - Hope you snooze the hurt back away. Hurt backs are sealed up.

    Sabby_NC - Florentine Quiche! Sounds Delicious!!! Glad to read that work is well for you.

    A final note. When I lived in Boston, many moons ago, I used to go to the Boston Aquarium. It's pretty cool. Outside the Aquarium, visitors were greeted by a seal. For real. It was the cutest thing. It would wave "hello". It also vocalized. Sounded almost human. Seriously. Love those "Boston Time" memories.

    Peace to you all. . .

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    Merde! Doesn't anyone drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle on the East Coast?
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Merde! Doesn't anyone drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle on the East Coast?
    Lots do drive 4WD. Problem is that 4WD is no better than 2WD in ice. In some ways worse because people have this false confidence that they are now able to do wonderous things because they have 4WD. It can eat up snow and mud. Studded tires can grip in some ice, however in other ice they are like having ice skates on your tires. I have 2WD in my truck and know that it is useless in anything but dry land. When we got it we did not plan on living in snow country. Life can get all sealed up easily.
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