Tuesday October 29, 2013

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    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    I see you down there Ted so I am sure you will post our kick off this morning, hope your night went well my friend. I am thrilled that AKY got to spend some time with you and your lovely wife. How nice when friends get together.

    Very busy day for me yesterday, had to send a patient out to the hospital which went against her wishes but alas that is what the caregiver wanted. Ran those roads until I got back home again. Still a very productive controlled day just the kind I like.

    Today may well be lighter and will finish off with IDG this afternoon so I will have a little time to be prepared before we start that.

    Came home to two dogs who were wide open, we ran them silly and took us forever to tire them out, they sure love this cooler weather. LOL

    Hope you are all doing well this day.

    Much love to you all.

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    Good morning!!

    Our firehouse hosted a kids Halloween party on Sunday. The little ones were so cute in their costumes and really had a good time decorating pumpkins and playing games! It's refreshing to see kids enjoy good 'ole fashioned fun!

    I finished up my emergency drivers ed with a written final last night. A few of the questions left me scratching my head, but for the most part I think I did ok. It's nice to scratch that class off my "to do" list!

    I'm working a 12 hour day shift today. This crew and I always have fun joking with each other, so I'm looking forward to the entertainment!

    According to the weather forecast, it should be a beautiful fall day. It'll be nice to be out and about to enjoy it!

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!!

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    Morning Sabby and EMS

    Had a relatively peaceful day yesterday, pretty much got everything done that I wanted to do. Had some problems sleeping but melatonin helped. I think it was a result of the weekend, got a little stressed getting ready for my guest.

    Today should be easy, one last day of training and a meeting so I arranged to do very little today. Hopefully I won't get many calls, since I'll be busy most of the day.

    Still working on the Wisconsin trip, not completely sure if I'll do it or which day it will be. Looking for new stuff to do, the last time I was there I did nothing new and it was pretty boring.
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    Good morning all.

    Yesterday I got all of my belongings out of the office, including my desk. That certainly was a challenge as it is huge with leather inlays. It was a gift from my SO and I was not leaving it behind. I also took all my plants that I had carefully grown. Add to that all the odds and ends from the desk and I had quite a bit. Took my Keurig and the coffees and pod holder and my dining room is filled with stuff that I have to deal with. Last evening two of my neighbors came to check on me. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your neighbors are your friends and stop by to make sure you are OK.

    SO and I had found great art work for the office. As it was part of the office I left it behind, sadly. I am going to talk with his DD and see if I can purchase it for what we paid.

    Started looking for a new job and have decided what I want to do so just have to convince TPTB that I am the right person for the job. Today I am writing the letter to go with the resume. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Have to get going. Today I am taking my neighbor to two appointments.
    The sun is bright and looks beautiful and crisp out there. Hope the sun is shining on all of you. Michael, keep out of that sun!
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    Good Morning -

    Recently got home from work. It was a "Q" most of the night. Then it became "Un-Q". LOL! Nothing terrible. Just literally, "Un-Q" with a very confused patient yelling and being dangerously impulsive despite efforts of re-direction and reorientation. Then, the hospitalist decided to transfer a med/surg telemetry patient to my happy teeny-tiny ICU for a bump in Troponin from less than 0.10 to 0.13, with no change in EKG and with the patient remaining asymptomatic with stable heart rate, heart rhythm and blood pressure. (The third Troponin was negative, by the way.) (sigh. . . . )

    AKY - Good luck with the job hunt. In can only imagine that you have quite an impressive resume! (Sad to read that you left treasured art work behind in the office. Maybe at a future time you can claim it??)

    Joe - Glad to read you had a peaceful day yesterday. Hope today remains relatively "Q" for you.

    EMSnut45 - I hope you did well in taking the Emergency Drivers written final exam! Hope you find out soon how well you did! Seems like you had a the kid's Halloween Party!

    Sabby_NC - We all had a lovely visit together, Sunday afternoon. I hope we can all get together soon, in the not too distant future. Hope your day goes well today, Sabby_NC.

    Well. . . got to get some "ZZZZzzz" in before it's too late in the morning.


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    So good to hear you and aky got together, Ted!
    It was great to meet her and Liddle at the ATI convention in May!
    What a surprise to see them appear at the allnurses booth, grinning from ear to ear!

    Good morning to all.

    We got rain last nite, was so nice!

    Busy day ahead, best get going.
    Y'all have a good one!
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    Good morning everyone.

    Spidey is still c/o headache and sore throat but he's missed two days and has no fever so . . . . medicated and sipping hot apple cider. I'm warming up some soup too. In about an hour, he should fell good enough to go to school.

    I got my grandbaby a onesie that says "Relax, my grandma's a nurse". It won't be long before he/she makes an appearance! Due date Dec 1 but who knows?

    Too bad about the artwork aky - I hope you can find a way to get it back.

    Sabby - I've had cases like that where the caregiver needs respite or just can't do it any longer and the patient is not thrilled. Those are hard cases.

    Joe - glad you got some sleep!

    Ted - better safe than sorry! I have stories I won't share online about near-misses.

    EMS - we are having a "Trunk or Treat" at our church - the parking lot will be filled with vehicles decorated for Halloween and adults in costumes. Pretty fun to guess who some of them are as they are quite skilled in this.

    Soup out to Spidey . . . . hope for the best!
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    Hi Dianah - you snuck in there.
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    Good morning! It's a bright chilly day here. We had a good hard frost last night, so I'm hoping the ticks and ragweed will go away for the winter. I'm finally feeling like myself again after my food poisoning debacle. It took a bit, but now I am really hungry!! I'll have to keep that in check. DD is mostly recovered from her concussion. She still tires easily, but at least he headaches are gone. AKY-how is your DGD doing? I'm glad you got your stuff out of the office, especially the desk. It must have been hard, given the circumstances, but I'm happy that lawyer does not get to keep everything. Best of luck with the job search. You would be an amazing asset to any workplace. Steph-hope Spidey is feeling better soon. Hey to everyone else-hope you have marvelous days.

    Back to work. Is it lunchtime yet?????
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Ted - better safe than sorry! I have stories I won't share online about near-misses.
    I do too. . . a few sad stories about misses gone bad despite nursing protest . . . and why I gladly accepted this soul into our happy ICU and was even happier to find out "all is well in the end". It's my motto: "Better Safe Than Sorry"
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