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Look at those numbers. 1/22 already, 2013! my goodness! sigh... anyway have a happy Tuesday. Has Michael left already?... Read More

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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    Are we allowed to complain?

    My MIL died yesterday after a sudden onset, grade IV brain tumor. She was only 55. My own mom died in May. I also miscarried very early (5 weeks + 2 days) at the beginning of the month. We've also had three major appliances fail within the last 48 hours and are looking at a couple thousand in repairs...that we don't have.

    Today -- I have to buy and pack for my SIL's destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. She's going through with it even though her mother died yesterday. I worked last night.

    Given the way everything has been going lately, I'm pretty sure that my husband and I will die in a fiery plane crash. What else could happen? Keep your eyes peeled.
    Gosh I am so sorry with all that you have gone through.

    Firstly I am so sorry for the loss of your Mum and MIL, but also your miscarriage. How my heart aches for you right now.

    Such a tough time that you have been through, go away and have a great time at the wedding. I am sure this will be a time for the family to relax and recoup.

    Keep your thoughts happy and positive as best you can ok? *hugs*
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    Such a great deal of pain. Sometimes people forget that the loss with a miscarriage is the same as another type of death. Every person grieves in their own way. You have so many grief issues right now and it seems like less support than would be nice. Take it one day at a time. Be as cheerful as you can under the circumstances. I recall having to attend a NYeve party right after my DH died. I was not much fun or good company but my DS knew what he was doing by having me go. I sat with a wonderful young woman who shared her wedding photos. I was allowed to view marriage from another's eyes.

    I am not saying you are the same or that this wedding will be good or bad. It may be a way to support your family and be together to perhaps support each other.

    Appliances always pick the wrong time to kick.

    Personally I think a warm bath and a cold glass of white wine, if you can drink safely. If not, something that is relaxing be it meatloaf or Meatloaf, or other music.
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    Many gentle hugs.
    aky is right, you have a lot of grieving going on right now.
    Possibly anger too, as you work through all the events.
    You are not being targeted.
    Things happen in droves sometimes.
    I hope you have support from your dh, that he and possibly some other family members have your back.
    Go, do, with an open mind but do not ignore your needs (food, sleep, talk, cry, alone time, etc).

    And I'll repeat what aky posted: one day at a time.

    Keep us updated, if you will please.
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