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Thursday January 5, 2016

  1. 6 G'day!

    Slept much better last night, sheer exhaustion makes for better sleep.

    Had a decent day at work. Worked with a great bunch of nurses..the "nice" crew. There's a few of us that are positive, don't complain much, and work well together. It's rare were all on at the same time and the witchy people are off. LOL

    Not too horribly busy this week census wise, but so far my overtime hasn't been canceled.

    Hope those that aren't feeling well are on the mend.
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    Hi Tweety glad you slept better


    Think my cold may be about over, feeling fairly normal this morning.

    Work was OK but made more difficult by the stuffiness and coughing. Went out to eat with J as usual, didn't do much else. Got another humidifier for the home office, think the dry air has been making my cold worse

    Will do grocery shopping tonight, hopefully won't take long. Glad the week is close to an end
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    Tweety, I know what you mean about the "nice" crew.
    Good you slept well.
    Looking forward to more beach photos!

    Joe, good you are on the mend, it sure hangs on, doesn't it?

    Oldest ds has been home this week, sick with a heavy cold.
    Using cool mist humidifier in his room.
    Just starting to get cabin fever and feeling somewhat better (though, like Joe probably does, still sounds congested).

    I have today off.
    Just took it and tomorrow off. Nothing special planned for today (plus it's raining).
    Tomorrow we and K and her bf may go to the parks, to see the lights one last time.
    The decorations all come down after Jan 8.
    Small World and Haunted Mansion will be closed down to remove their holiday theme.

    I have a couple projects in mind for today, will see if I can light a fire and get going.

    Y'all have a good one
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    Far, good to see you.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Miss you.
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    Hi all. Back at work today. I still feel sick and my eye is a little pink, but it's better to be back. I would still be sleeping if I was home.
    I have a new secretary and she seems nice and willing to learn. A bit overwhelmed. Everyone always thinks this job is easy until they are in it.
    Stomach bug and flu like streppy stuff still going on. Wooohooo!

    My Big Kid is home from college until next week. The Kid is hearing from colleges. So far he is 4/4 with acceptances and scholarships.

    Hanging in.
    Miss you all.
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    Quote from dianah
    Far, good to see you.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Miss you.
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    Mornin' Trying to use caffeine to wake up from all the cold medicine I took overnight.

    I have what I call a head cold - no chest congestion, no fever. Just always a dripping nose . . . argh.

    I'm off call today. Since 7 a.m. Not sure what the day will bring. I've decided not to drive down to Monterey and see my daughter. The roads are still bad and I don't want to give her this cold for her drive 1/2 way across the country. So, might look for projects around the house.

    Enjoy your day everyone. Wash your hands!
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    I made a cabbage soup last night, it turned out tasty!
    Was easy to make and fit right in with a cold evening.
    Dh and I had soup while we watched a Dr. Blake Mystery.
    Oldest ds woke up (still coughing a lot) and had some (best thing for a cold!!), liked it too!

    Yes, it is notable when I cook.
    I don't mind cooking (not very involved recipes, more hearty fare) but cleaning up isn't fun.
    Just sayin'!
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    Morning all. I haven't been on for some time; felt like I had nothing to contribute as every day seemed the same. Came to the realization that I needed to switch jobs, as I was dreading every day. Dh and I took a short holiday to San Diego and I cleaned out my desk Tuesday.

    I start the new job on Monday. Been decluttering the house, gathering stuff for a fundraiser garage sale. Going to take down the Christmas tree today. I should go car shopping, but a have a wee chest cold and don't really want to share it. My car overheated just before Christmas, and I always said the next thing that went wrong, was the time to replace her. Unfortunately, with leaving a job, and having to repay an overpayment of wages, I might have to wait. Riding the bus wouldn't be so bad.

    Weather wise, it has been clear and cold, with a bitter wind. Wind has died down, and its warmed up to 30. May have some snow tomorrow.
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    Hello, afternoon to y'all

    I am still in my pj's and bathrobe, so it doesn't look like I'll be going out this afternoon. But, you never know!
    I want to go fill my gas tank up prior to the predicted snow of tomorrow afternoon and evening. I may just go ahead and knock that out now and get it over with. Then I can sleep in tomorrow, and will be all set for my Sat AM trek (15.5 miles, one way) without further prepping needed. I've already laid out my layers of snow-driving garb and emergency stuff.

    I think I'll be okay on the roads, even though the behemoth van I drive now is an automatic. I learned to drive in New England winters on an automatic transmission tank of a car, but their center of gravity was much lower than is the vans'.

    If there is a problem, I can call my office and they will send a cab to take me to and from. It's the "from" (ie; take me HOME!) that's the most important because the dogs will have been home alone for 13 (- or +) hours and will no doubt need sustenance.

    Watch it, though, 'cause we may end up with much more. . . or none at all!
    That's the way it is in these here mountains!
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    Spent 2.5 hr going thru old bills and receipts and packed them up and delivered them to get shredded.
    House is lighter!!
    And I am tired and hungry!

    It has rained pretty steadily all day, which has been nice.

    I hope you all have had a good day.
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    Quote from dianah
    Spent 2.5 hr going thru old bills and receipts and packed them up and delivered them to get shredded.
    We just put ours in the wood stove.

    Can't sleep - I'm sleepy but as soon as the light went off, I was awake.

    It is now 3 degrees outside and should be below zero before morning. Quite a cold spell.

    Might give it another go . . . just had some milk and a granola bar.
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    Good grief! I got up at 3 AM and had a small bowl of macaroni and gouda cheese.
    Then I slept 6 hours more.