Strengths and weaknesses

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    OK, I just finished orientation for a new job and of course got the "What do you believe are your strengths/weaknesses"? question. My answer was basically that I am willing to try new things and learn somethng new and that I feel that I am sometimes too nice and trusting of others. What about all of you? What would be your answer to this question?

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  3. Poll: What are your strengths/weaknesses

    • Weaknesses? What weaknesses, I'm perfect thankyou.

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    • I try to do to much by myself.

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    • I like to deligate everything.

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    • I do not play well with others.

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    My strengths are often my weaknesses, and my weaknesses are often my strengths. What others may view as my strengths, I feel are my weaknesses, and what others view as my weaknesses, I view as my strengths.

    I hate when they ask that question during an interview because they don't know you enough to judge whether to hire you based on the responses you give regarding your weaknesses and strengths. I would just respond by saying: Some think I'm a damn good nurse, and others think I should have chosen a different career field. IMHO, I think I am a damn good nurse, and I'm right where I need to be at this time in my life. That in and of itself is a strength, and not a weakness. :chuckle :chuckle
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    ok am l being honest or answering one of those stupid evaluation questions????????? l hate those with a passion...not only do l expect a lot of myself, l expect it of others too and get disapointed....i don't handle that kind of disapointment
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    "out of my weaknesses, come my strengths"
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    Originally posted by micro
    "out of my weaknesses, come my strengths"
    great answer mega-micro....
    hehe, can i borry it? ~

    Actually, it is very true of me. If I think I'm weak in something, there'll I'll be until I'm sure I have it down cold.

    I'm still not sure if that's from stubbornness or stupidity. *sigh*
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    One way I answer this question is to say that whether we define a trait as a strength or a weakness is often a matter of the particular situation. For instance, I tend to be very diplomatic and much of the time that is a strength, but there are times when what is called for is a straight talker/straight shooter. Then I tell them that's the beauty of teamwork...we can all play to whatever our strengths are in each situation.
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    Originally posted by micro
    "out of my weaknesses, come my strengths"

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    Well, I have always considered my self to be a "teamplayer" and that is a very big strength.

    One of my weaknesses is that I can get short tempered when stressed and very busy while at work.
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    Rightdo ya hugs hugs
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    It is twofold for me. I am hardest on myelf, but have the same expectations of others as I do myself. Does that make sense? I cannot stand incompetance, I have no patience for that.

    I guess my weakness would be that I am a perfectionist. You typically "A" type personality. I want everything to be just "so." But in retrospect it is also a strength in that I don't stop till I am satisfied.

    I tend to sprout off at the mouth with authority. There is no hiearchy in my world. If a manager or MD wants respect, they had better give it in return.

    Uugh, as I head off to work..I'm thinking..geeze....mellow out, don't sweat the small stuff, relax! God! That's so not me! LOL

    Have a good one!

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