Silverware in dishwasher? Handle up or down?

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    Do you put your silverware in the dishwasher with the handle facing up or down?
    I place it with the handle up so I can grab it without soiling the "clean" part when I empty the dishwasher. My husband however places his silverware in with the handle down as he thinks this cleans better. I say he is silly- what do you do?

    I realize this topic is not nursing related, but in a way it does pertain in terms of being clean and decreasing bacteria transfer...

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    Handles down. I also feel that cleans the eating surface better. Than I or kids wash hands prior to unloading. And, I do check the kids by questioning or reminding on the handwashing.
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    Handles down, so we don't stab ourselves with the tips of knives or forks when unloading the dishwasher.
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    Both. Knives with handle up, so we don't get stabbed (done that more than once emptying the dishwasher in the wee morning hours!), all else with handle down, for better cleaning.

    That said though, I usually try to wash knives by hand anyway. I hate the thought of.........stuff.......on my utensils. YUCK!
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    Ok hang on here - if a handle is down - the business end is up correct? How can you prevent yourself from being hurt if indeed the business end is UP?
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    I just throw it in the dishwasher the way I have it in my hand, which is usually handle down. I really don't care. I always wash my hands before unloading clean dishes anyway. My mother has a thing about this though. She insists on having the handles up (and when in "Rome", I do it her way), because she won't get germs on her silverware. This is the same lady that leaves her bathroom just filthy, refuses to have a flu shot, takes herbal supplements by the truckload, and has convinced herself that her immune system is impaired - even though she can't convince a doctor to agree. So? Sometimes I wonder if people really can keep things in perspective? Sure, your silverware and dishes should be clean! And if you wash your hands before taking them out (which I've noticed my mother does not....) you should be OK. :imbar
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    Handles down, business ends up, including butter knives. Sharp knives are always business end down to prevent pokes and cuts.

    My friend loaded some utensils in my dishwasher once and put a sharp knife with the business end up. Well guess who got a lovely cut on the pad of her RIGHT index finger while unloading it?! So hard to work as a nurse with an injury like that!
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    Same as KRVRN, handles down, business ends up, except for sharp knives which we put point down, leaving the point in the divider between sections, so it won't stick through the bottom of the basket. Also, anything with a skinny handle that might slip through goes business end down.
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    Handles up, so the forks and knives do not stab you when you get them out.
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    50/50 so they don't nest and they really get clean!!!

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