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Saturday, January 7, 2017

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    Gidday, Davey. Late evening here. We had good rain here yesterday, very welcome after the 115F heat we've been having.
    I'm off to hospital Monday for exploratory surgery to determine whether I have a tumour in my tummy parts or what. I've lost 11 kilos last 3 months. Cant eat much as I always feel full. Outcome doesn't bother me as long as I have an answer and a plan of attack.
    On a preadmit diet so dinner tonight will be super exciting NOT.
    Trust all are well in theuniverse
    Peace to all in need
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    The very best to you, Michael. You'll be in my thoughts.
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    Good Morning!

    Michael - You'll be in my thoughts/prayers, too. Also, hope you can keep cool from those 115-degree temps. Wow!

    Davey-Do - Dang, man! You've been busy with the cartooning! You're Raisin Cane, Dave!

    It's a quiet 5:37 AM (EST) here. Enjoying the first of two nights off from work. Been working on a new composition that's been reverberating in my head.

    The recent three nights at work have been busy. Glad to have these two nights off. Working Sunday night, then I'm off for four nights in a row. Yes! Except. . . having a scheduled colonoscopy Tuesday morning. Don't mind the colonoscopy, but the prep is a pain in the butt!

    Well. . . It's nearing mid-January, so I'll share to you an "orchestral art-song" piece that I wrote a few years ago. It's the first of four, each dedicated to each season of the year. I believe that I've shared the previous three "orchestral art-songs" here already. This piece is titled, "Winter in Mid-January". Enjoy! (The link to the piece is at the end of this post.)

    Hope all have a pleasant day today!


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    Good COLD morning!

    High temp today will be 23 degrees, there are 6 inches of snow on the ground . . . so far, anyway. Glad I don't have to drive that van! Local TV showing s-l-o-w moving traffic; "some roads are cleared, most roads are dicey." So, what else is new?

    Have to be ready for the taxi in 45 minutes.

    Prayers, Michael.
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    Good morning!

    Michael-praying for the best possible outcome for you. Be nice to the nurses-ok?

    "They" say we'll be getting a foot or more of snow today. I'm working today, so we'll see who actually come in to Urgent Care. Maybe we'll close early if gets bad. Ha!

    Hope all are warm and snug. Be safe and have a good day!
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    Michael I hope you get good news from your exploratory surgery

    Davey like the cartoon

    Ted thanks for the music

    Stars and BC hope you don't get much snow

    Feeling better at last, feeling pretty good this morning, just a slight cough. Can finally stop with all of the cold medicines i think

    Bad migraine yesterday afternoon, OTC medications didn't work so I had to take prescription meds, which finally ended it. Didn't help that work got crazy busy in the afternoon, had to leave some for Monday

    Going to see dad today. Going to skip bowling tonight, can't be out until midnight while I'm getting over this cold. Might skip church too, don't want to catch anything new while I'm recovering

    Will see J tomorrow, not sure what we're doing but we'll decide that tonight
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    Morning, all! Michael, keeping you in my thoughts.

    It's snowing out there right now. I don't think we're supposed to get much, but it's on top of what we got yesterday. Which wasn't much either. The main issue is it isn't enough to make them come out and clear the roads, so it's just hopefully going to melt or else the cars turn it into a slushy mess. I do need to be driving later today- meeting up with a group of people and then we're carpooling for a business trip. It's not a long drive, and it's all major roads, so hoping that means it'll be fine. Although right now the police website is showing 10 various accidents...

    Until it's time to leave, I'm busy with laundry and getting the pets ready for about 24 hours without me. They should be fine, especially since the dog uses a litter box. And I have about 6 different water dishes scattered around the house- must make sure my one cat has plenty of access to water to keep his bladder flushed. I'll get the cold shoulder when I get back though.
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    Michael, all the best.

    The cold front has made it here, but we're just getting some light rain and scattered showers. It's going to be colder than normal, which means low 60's and tomorrow it's not going to even hit 60. Brutal for us that were in shorts and flip flops enjoying 80's a few days ago.

    Had a garden variety busy day yesterday and got out a little late. Worked about 50 hours last week and am getting $150 on top of that. Already went to Amazon to get a new comforter and threw in some Fruit of the Looms.

    Going to lay low today. Going to try to make some vegan Jamaican meat pies perhaps.
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    Morning all,

    Michael, best wishes, Davey, thanks for the smiles, Ted love the music, and I am jealous of the others' snow.

    20 degrees here, supposed to warm up to 40, no precipitation in the forecast. I took a kettle of hot water out to the bird bath to try to thaw it out. A chickadee swooped in, then sat on the ground to drink up the overflow drops. He hopped up on the fence, and smacked his beak (lips) as if to say thank you. Later, I saw several more dipping in.

    Dh and I were going to go to a movie last night, but figured our coughing would disturb others, so stayed in and slept in front of the TV. I made myself a hot toddy, sure made my throat feel better, and quelled the cough for a bit. Or, it just knocked me out and I didn't care.

    Off to car shop today; most likely another Subaru.

    Good wishes to all.
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    Good morning. That storm has hit the the Western US overnight and it is dumping snow on top of the snow we already have.

    Michael - wishing you the best my friend.

    Tweety - those pies sound good. I'm really hungry for the first time in a couple of days. I feel normal today. Cold symptoms gone.

    Not sure what my plans are for today - it will be difficult to get to the dump due to the snow and I haven't seen a snowplow yet.

    Hope you all have a good Saturday.
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    Michael: You are in my prayers.
    Steph: Isn't it great to finally feel better?

    I saw this on the news last evening. I've never met this nurse, but have heard good things about him from fellow nurses. I wanted to share with you here rather than over in "Nursing News, although I may post over there too. Just a good nice nurse retiring. He plans to go fishing a lot.
    A nurse’s prescription for 50 years — Take love with the pain: Dennis McCarthy