Sat March 1

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    Good day to you all. Y'all. Yay Amy. Congrats.
    Autumn is here with a dry season feel to it. We may get some finishing rain, hopefully then the tourist season will be on us.
    My crook back turned out to be condochronitis and it is bloody painful. Right around my rib parts with no short term relief. Celebrex and codeine are helping a bit.
    On the 10th I fly to Perth for 2 weeks to annoy the kids. Looking forward to not being here for a bit although as soon as I get there I want to be home. Irish logic! Will go visit my goddaughter and her new 3 week old baby and catch up with my bf Kelly.
    Keep the cartoons coming Davey. You are funny. I always take my Ipod when I travel so I can have cartunes.
    Starting to plan my next big trip over East and down to Sabbyland. Six months since I've seen Ceinwen and that's way too long. Miss her heaps.
    Yay, I bought me an Ipad for my b'day. Lots of fun and convenient for travel. Got it for $300 which is cheap for Aus.
    That's all I have to report from the Bushambo tribe in the wilds of Northern Aus.
    Hooroo Michael
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    Oh Michael: Costrochronitis HURTS!
    I had it on a front rib decades ago. Can't remember what was prescribes, but it made me so sleepy I only took it once because I had little kids at the time.

    Happy Saturday! (almost)
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    Hi Michael! I can't believe another AN member is in pain but . . . . .I spilled a big bowl of hot homemade cream of chicken/broccoli SOUP on my lap!! Poor Spidey! Mom yelled "don't look!!" and I ran for the BR trying to take off the jeans that conduct heat so very very well!!!

    My thighs are bright red! Cold water applied and then aloe vesta. I've taken care of patients with burns like this - how in the world can you be so silly as to choose a plastic deep bowl for hot hot soup!!!???

    sigh . . ..

    Good to hear from you Michael. Sorry about the bronchitis.

    Herring -

    Think I'll head to bed and read for a bit and hopefully fall asleep. It is pouring rain . .pouring!

    See you all back in the a.m. for coffee, basketball, perpetual housecleaning.

    (Limping to the bedroom . . . . )
    Last edit by Spidey's mom on Mar 1, '14 : Reason: spelling error :-)
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    My Empathy goes out to both steph and Michael!

    Maybe we should Write the song "Lawyers in Love " and call it "Nurses in Pain"?!

    Thanks for the Feedback on the Cartoons, Michael.

    Looking Forward to a Trip is a Little Thing we do, according to Daniel Gilbert in his Book Stumbling on Happiness, that is called "Getting Twice the Juice out of the Orange". We Experience Pleasure First by Anticipation, and then, Second, by The Actual Experience.

    Enjoy, Michael!

    March 1st, March 1st, March 1st...

    March is Reputed to be the Month that Comes in One Way and Goes Out Another. Supposedly, if March Comes In Like a Lion, it goes out like a Lamb. And Vice Versa.

    Of Course, this is not always True. Last Year, around these Parts, March came in like a Lamb and went Out like a Lamb.

    However, this Year, I think I can hear March say Something Like:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3.1.14 POST.jpg 
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    A Good March 1st to All!
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    Good Morning Michael, Herring, Stephanie, Davey and all who pop in,

    Michael thank you so much for starting off today's thread. I am so sad to read you are in such pain I do pray this settles for you quickly. Enjoy your time away, especially when you get to Sabbyland as you will just love it. Kiss the ground for me will ya? hehehe

    Herring hope you are doing well this day and have a bonza day.

    Stephanie OMGosh I have done this before but not a whole bowl full of soup, trying to imagine that much pain gives me the chills. I do hope it is looking some better this morning but some how I feel you may have l'il blisters there.

    Davey so glad I was not sipping my tea when I read your post, that picture got me giggling yet again. LOL

    Yesterday was Purdy good although a little messy and not too much like hard yakka although I had an emergent visit to another colleagues patient who was out sick. Got that situated and then headed home. Had a consult but not yet appropriate for full hospice services. Another admission to do for my partner in crime but passed before she got there.

    Ok today we are donning the ol' hiking boots then head off to traipse some mountain side. LOL Feel like a good slog to get the heart rate up and wear the dogs out. hahaha yeah well at least for a while.

    Got home from work last evening and took care of house work, washing etc, feels good to have that behind me although hubby will be working on floors later so I am going to assist him by doing the skirting boards etc- time to start spring cleaning here. Woot!!

    Hope you all have a most excellent day, for Mike and those that are Down Under/ else where have a great sleep.

    Much love to you all.
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    Yeah, kiss the ground Sabby while herself is there. Don't think so. Maybe the ground will come in a late second!!
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    Quote from herring_RN
    I had little kids at the time.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	herring and children.jpg 
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    Do all your Fingerlings Look like you?
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    Good morning all. Good to read all this early on a weekend day. I had plans to sleep in - but my phone is set to notify me of alerts, and they started our severe weather watch at 0411 today. Nice wake up. This is the same storm that is wetting Spidey and family, Herring, and all those in CA and surrounds who have been doing a rain dance. Prayers all are safe there. We are due to get it late Sun. afternoon through Mon. Already the meteorologists on TV are having a ball forecasting and fretting about the amount of salt available for the roads. Our potholes are more to report on than the snow. They are outrageous this year. Our road crews have been super, either they are plowing, salting or fixing the holes left by the storms.

    I once had a resident (client, not MD) dump hot coffee on polyester pants, in the day room. You know how plastic holds the heat. I threw Ice water on his lap as we were pulling off his pants, trying to maintain his modesty and get him moved. In spite of our best efforts he had terrible blisters, full thickness 2nd degree. Took a very long time to get healed. I actually believe one of the workers who hated gays was part of the problem. He set up the situation by his negligence, and then did not respond to the emergent situation very well. The resident may have been gay, and a rapist, but he was to be treated same as others and this employee had problems with that. The employee had quite the write up. The resident finally healed. Spidey's mom, I hope your situation turned out better. Silvadene and tincture of time if the aloe vera was outgunned.

    Will get my sheets washed soon and do as much "prep" as possible so can survive a while if electric goes out with the storm. I want to do a bit of cooking and baking since it is my days off and last 3 day weekend I will have. My job includes 12 hour days on Fri. and Sat. every week. No more yard sales

    have a wonderful weekend filled with smiles and love.
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    Michael and Steph I hope you heal soon.

    Ted glad to hear Amy passed

    Morning Herring Davey Sabby AKY

    Should be a quiet day for me. Going to check on dad's house while he's away, do a few things there. Need to vacuum and do some litterbox maintenance here. Might do some cooking as well. Will try to get outside but it's going to snow again today.

    Celebrated the end of the strict phase of my low carb diet with crab Rangoon. Really had a taste for that. Glad that I'm now in a less strict phase and can add more items to my diet.

    As for working at home......tried yesterday morning to get the phone to work, turns out I need a new one. Had to drive into work. Was frustrated and tired, didn't get a lot done, and for some reason I had very little appetite. I think it's the stress, once this is resolved I'll feel better.

    Will skip Svengoolie tonight, he's presenting the Batman and Robin movie from the 60's. Too campy for me.
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    Morning all - overcast here but some blue sky to the south. We'll see as the day rolls on.

    No worries about me - no blisters. All is well. Just won't use that kind of bowl again.

    We've got two basketball games to attend today. And it is a go-to-the-dump day.

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend.
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