RIP Shirley Temple

  1. 3 Such a amazingly talented child. She grew up to be a classy woman. An Ambassador.

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    I think in the seventy or eighty years since she quit appearing on the silver screen, there hasn't been a child star to top her. Lovely clips
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    Thank you for that great video she was an amazing woman who retained her dignity and spunk. A hero in my eyes.
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    She revealed her breast cancer before Betty Ford did. It seems odd now, but I think she may have been the first famous person to do so.
    It lead to increased awareness and self exams. She probably saved many lives.
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    Ah, a true shining star, RIP Shirl you sure deserve it
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    Bon Voyage! to Miss Temple as she crosses the River of Styx on the Good Ship Lollipop....
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