Prayers for a little girl

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    Hi all.
    A close friends niece, Montana has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She is only 5 yo.
    She is undergoing chemo which is wracking her tiny body. The family have been told she will probably not survive.
    Prayers for her would be apreciated.
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    Michael - Please know that your friend's niece, Montana, and Montana's family & friends, are held with warm thoughts and prayers of Healing and Peace.
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    Sending prayers and healing thoughts to Montana and her family.
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    Oh Michael - Prayers sent for Montana, her family, and for you.
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    Prayers from me to Montana.
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    Praying that Jesus wraps his loving arms around Montana, heals her in HIS name. Many prayers for them all at such a difficult time in their lives.
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    Prayers for Montana and her family at such a difficult time. Michael, I am glad you can be a support to some in the family.
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    Please add my thoughts and prayers for the wee one and her family and friends.
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    Hi there,

    How's Montana?
    Please extend my prayers to her and her family.
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    I have a high regard for what the power of prayer can do and my heart goes out to you and yours. But what I really want to recognize is your caring and devotion to those in need.

    We as virtual friends can only send our thoughts and empathy via the internet and you. You are the carrier of that positive energy back to those who are in need of it. And I believe this you do.

    Thank you for being that carrier of positive energy, Michael.

    It's like Charles Schultz said: "Love is like jam- you can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself".
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