Next time you're at Jimmy John's.....

  1. 1 I had lunch at Jimmy John's today and sitting there reading all of the signs they have on the walls, I really wished I could take them with me and post them at work. Signs like these:

    "If you want something to eat, make it yourself." Changed to something like "If you want a drink of water, pick up your glass and do it yourself" (if able to)

    "If you need to do something when you need to do it, then someday, you will be able to do what you want when you want." (Wording may not be exact) This applies to the patients who refuse PT/OT and won't do anything for themselves.

    "The customer is usually right" (not always right)

    "There are three parts to an apology" I couldn't read the rest of the sign, but this could apply to patient, families, docs, nurses, etc.

    Etiquette do's and dont's. Things like always say please and thank you, don't chew with your mouth open, etc.

    And of course the sign that states "No shirt, no shoes, no service" Couldn't really think how that would apply to a hospital setting though.
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    I love jimmy johns !!!

    I wish we can have signs that say:
    This is NOT burger king so you cannot have your way
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    I thought you were gonna give us a free coupon! Don't play with my emotions like that! LOL I loooove Jimmy John's!
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    Quote from NurseLoveJoy88
    I love jimmy johns !!!

    I wish we can have signs that say:
    This is NOT burger king so you cannot have your way
    Even that is a lie. Burger king won't let me have my chicken sandwich my way.
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    "your momma doesn't work here, pick up after yourself"
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    my kid gave me an apron, which i cherish, that says,
    this is not burger king.
    you'll have it our way
    or you won't have
    the son of a ***** at all.
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    Quote from cardiacmadeline
    "If you want something to eat, make it yourself."
    That's an odd sign to hang in a restaurant.
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