Monday October 21, 2013

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    Good Morning to you all,

    Helllooooooo Monday once again we have to drag our tooshies out of bed and prepare for another week, woooooo hooooooo don't ya just love it?

    Feeling well rested after a lovely weekend of hiking with the dogs (taking a hard fall and hubby flat footing on some rocks) they walked us hard and we laughed all the way back to the car yesterday.

    I limped my way around after taking a heavy fall then hubby started flat footing on some slippery rocks before saving himself from falling he just jumped in to the river and got his legs wet but he did not fall. LOL OMGosh it looked hilarious but I am so relieved he did not fall on those rocks.

    We spent the rest of the day relaxing as I was hurting and we were tired.

    Got my ironing done while I watched my church on TV then sat and pottered around.

    Ready for a good day with D this day doing our visits and having just the best time before she heads off with my other colleagues to visit their nursing homes.

    Hope you all have a most excellent and productive day.

    Much love, hugs and prayers for you all.
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    Good Morning -

    It's 6:25 AM (EST) here. The coffee maker dinged. The dogs went wild. Both canine family members are now fed and are rumping around outside now. In the meanwhile, I'm drinking First Coffee which is warm and good-tasting.

    Sabby_NC - Ouch! Falling on rocks. Ouch!! Hope there're no broken bones. Hope the bruises feel better soon!

    Yesterday went well. The anthem sung by the church choir sounded nice. After the second choir rehearsal, Amy and I went clothes shopping. Purchased a couple of new sneakers. Haven't been sneaker-shopping in YEARS. About 4 or 5 years ago, I purchased three pairs of really nice feeling sneakers. I'm on the last one so it was time to purchase new ones. Amy bought a lovely new outfit.

    Today. . . . we drive down to NYC with some friends to see an opening premiere show of "Two Boys" at the Metropolitan Opera. A young gentleman by the name of Christopher Bolduc is making his debut in this opera! He's an opera star now!! We've known him since his high school days. He was (and remains) really good friends with our Pastor and his daughters (they went to high school together). A number of times, Amy and I produced the musical, "Godspell" for our church and the local teenagers including Chris used to perform in those productions. We're all so very proud of him! Amy and I are going down with our Pastor and his wife and spending the night at NYC just for the occasion. Can't wait to hear the new opera. Can't wait to hear and see Christopher Bolduc! Here's a web-link about "Two Boys": Two Boys - Muhly | Tickets - Metropolitan Opera

    Hope all who travel here have a pleasant day. Cheers!

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    Sabby I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself in that fall.

    Ted that's interesting, having seen someone's career grown like that.

    Tried out the new bike rack, worked just fine. Had a good ride in an area I normally walk. Now I just have to find other areas to ride in.

    Saw my dad yesterday, came home and did a little cooking, and that was pretty much it. A fairly quiet end to the weekend.

    Today should be slow at work, so I don't anticipate any problems. When the training starts tomorrow it could get busy.

    Bought tickets to a symphony in March. This particular concert seems popular so I figured I'd buy now before all the seats were gone.

    Might head back to Wisconsin in November, as we get both Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving off. The last trip was disappointing so I figure maybe I'll give it another try.
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    Good morning all.
    Opened up AN to find my happy birthday song. Started my day with a smile.
    Sabby and Joey, glad the fall and slip were not serious. So common this time of year with the slippery leaves. I do hope you iced the bruises.

    Ted, I have not gone to check out your link yet. I just think it is so wonderful that you and Amy have been instrumental in getting someone to the Met. Few people can claim to be teachers of those at the Met.

    Yesterday went to DS and enjoyed many games with them. We watched football, soccer, volleyball, car races, and I got to learn a great deal more about volleyball. It is always fun watching pro soccer with DGS, he knows every player and can keep a running commentary on them. All of us enjoyed watching the US women's team beating Aus. DIL made veg. soup as she understands that I am not up to meat yet. The soup was good but still did not want to go down. Some day things will set better.

    Back to work today. I have no plans for my birthday. I am turning 65 with no fanfare, and that is great by me. SO and I would have done something special.

    Best get going. I need to make my coffee and get beautiful. The coffee is much easier.
    have a great day.
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    Good morning!

    Happy birthday, aknottedyarn! I hope you have a pleasurable day.

    I have nothing much planned for today. I'm still feeling a little disappointed after having received a 'Dear Jane' letter via email yesterday. It was an abrupt slap in my face because we had been on a pleasant date the day before the letter arrived, and he was actively making plans to take me to dinner/happy hour on Monday (tonight). Well, writing about it and getting it off my chest feels a tad bit better.

    Have a lovely day!
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    Good morning - got my 2nd cup of coffee sitting right next to the computer. First one tasted so good.

    Sabby - ouch. We cut firewood in an area with a lot of downed trees and limbs. I tripped but didn't fall but one of the kiddoes fell and scratched his back. He was fine after Auntie/nurse looked at it. We had the two younger kids helping out with small logs and they were thrilled. In a few years though, they will be whining about having to stack firewood. I enjoyed having them out there - such imaginations. One fallen log became the couch for the little girl and the little boy found so many "guns". He and I played had a "shoot-out" hiding behind trees. So cute. Spidey got to target shoot with his real firearm. Here's funny thing - the little kids and Spidey went over to their Dad's pickup to get a snack and locked the keys in the pickup. When Dad realized it he was so calm. No temper tantrum. He just matter-of-factly told the kids what had happened and what might happen if they couldn't drive out - walking home. Well of course there were two pickups out there. I mentioned "Did your father-in-law put a spare key behind the gas tank door?" and he looked and YES, there it was.

    I love to see parents who don't lose it over things their kids do.

    Commuter - better to find out now although I'm sure it is a bit painful to realize someone isn't as interested as we think. Sorry about that.

    Ted - have fun!

    Joe - glad you got out and biked. I'm grateful for our nice weather and hope it lasts.

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    Happy Birthday AKY!-sending hugs and love.

    I guess this past weekend was not kind to some of us, in various ways. Sabby-hope your injuries were not serious. Commuter-sorry about the letter. It's hard when both people are not on the same page.

    I spent the majority of the weekend in the hospital with infectious colitis. Somewhere, I must have eaten something contaminated. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Feeling better now, after lots of fluids and antibiotics. On antibiotics for another week. I hopefully can go back to work tomorrow. DD went back to school today after sustaining a concussion last week. Seems to be a lot of that going around. AKY-how is your DGD feeling?

    Hope all are well.
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    DGD is still moping about. She was watching a bit of TV yesterday when I was there but not much. She will not be in school today and will see her therapist. Fingers crossed that she has not lost much ground.

    School will be doing teaching about concussions to entire school.

    Thanks for asking.
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    Sabby, ouch! (but would have loved to have been around to see your dh land in the water! --- that is, as long as he wasn&#39;t hurt!! Good he missed the boulders!) Hope you heal quickly. Commuter, agree with Steph, but it still hurts. Onward and forward. Ted, our music went well yesterday. Two years ago, the daughter brought home our CDs and her then-87-yo mom loved them. Daughter told me, &quot;I booked your band for my mom&#39;s &quot;graduation&quot; service right then!&quot; Her mom was a fascinating person. Video clips showed her in leathers, waving, on the back of a Harley, at age 86!! Lots of photos of her smiling, laughing ... Heard great stories of her sense of humor. Would have liked to have known her! The family called this a &quot;graduation service.&quot; Yes, tears were shed but overall it was very uplifting to be there, and we were honored to be part of it.</p>
    BC, glad to read you are on the mend after the colitis, how awful it must have been!</p>
    aky, hope DGD&#39;s meeting with the therapist goes well. Hugs to you.</p>
    Gotta go, didn&#39;t mean to overlook anyone... Hugs to all, and have a good one.</p>
    Edited: apologies for formatting issues with this puter, didn&#39;t realize these would occur!</p>
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    I hope everyone has had a nice start to the week!

    Yesterday I had a nice shopping trip with my mom and sister. Trying to get everyone together at the same time is difficult these days.

    Today was cleaning day. I hate cleaning, but it does look nice afterwards. Tonight I have my emergency drivers ed class. We are in the practical portion, so I'm trying not to hit cones! Ordinarily I'd be fine, but I'm using a vehicle that I am unfamiliar with.

    Tomorrow I'll be working my 24 hour shift. It's a nice feeling to look forward to going to work!

    Commuter- While it hurts to be treated that way, at least you learned his feelings early on.

    Happy Monday evening!

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