Monday 17teeaitch Feb

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    G'day all and a warm welcome to Cat. Cat, if you survived your brother you will survive this crazy funny loveable mob here.
    Wish I had snow. Never seen it but in Aug I will do so when I visit my beloved Ceinwen over East. Weather is a bit cooler now luckily as Jane engine has a massive heamorrage which I will attend to today. Then I get to have fun fitting out my new ambulance.
    Davey, I hoe you don't end up a Bent Over Old Man. You might go BOOM! wE COULD PUT YOU IN A BOX AND WE WOULD HAVE A BOOMBOX. Speaking of capslocks! This 'cause I don't look at the screen. And again speaking of caps locks, I must have about 30 caps given to me by various companies etc. So I'm going to put them all in a cupboard and lock it. My caps will be locked.
    I am nursing a rather sore back from changing a flat on my car so will have to be careful fixing the engine.
    Best get into it.
    Hooroo Michael
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    Hemorrhage. There, got it right.
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    Happy Monday Michael!

    Or sHoUlD I say, hAPpY MOnDAy/
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    Oh, Herring, seems my caps disease is contagious
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    Good Monday morning (Well, it's actually still Sunday evening in my neck of the woods.)

    I have to be at work at 4:55 am tomorrow (Monday) so I figure it would be better to post now then at 4:15 in the morning. Who do you think I am? Sabby? (Just kidding dear friend. )

    Michael, hope your back feels better soon.

    Hi herringRN.

    I just finished putting all the laundry away then ate a tangerine. (It was pretty good)
    I feel drained, no energy. But I will be going to bed at 8pm or so. That should solve the problem.
    I had a nice relaxing weekend. We saw the Lego Movie yesterday. It was cute/funny.
    Wishing all a good day.
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    Hi nursefrances!
    I had dozens of Clemintine tangerines that were SO GOOD!
    Last week i bought Mandarins that are OK, but not as sweet.
    We are so spoiled to be able to eat fresh fruit in the winter.

    Reminds me of a song. Pete and Lorre Wyatt wrote it in 2012.
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    Whoops! I didn't see this new thread and posted on Sunday's thread.
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    Good Morning Everybody! herring, steph, Sabby, nursefrances, dianah, AKY, Michael, Ted, Joe, and Anybody else who Stops By!

    Michael, there is So Very Much I could say about your Immensely Entertaining Post.

    For One Thing, I wanted to let you know that I could Talk to a Post. Some have said that I'm as Dumb as a Post. But that's not the Important Thing Right Now.

    What is Important is your Warm Welcome to my Little Sis. For that, I Thank you. I Noted that Cat was Online with well into the Afternoon. I'm Thinking that maybe she was Perusing the Posts, but whatever she was doing, she must have been Into It. She was either Into It, or walked away and left her Computer on to

    The Other Important Thing is your Back, Michael. I realize that you're a Wise Old Bloke, but this Old Dude wanted you to Consider something that I discovered while I was in a Heavy Stage of Disassembling the Blue Funk, my '51 Chevy Pickup.

    I was Twisting Off some Pretty Big Bolts on the Frame when I Strained my Shoulder a Bit. Having a Universal Weight Lifting Set in the Basement adjoining my Garage, I immediately used some Weights to Work Out the Slight Strain.

    It was then that my Idea came to me: Why not work out before I work on the Blue Funk so my Muscles will be Warmed Up and Ready to Go? So that's What I Did- Lift Weights before Working on the Blue Funk. Now, I don't Mean Any Kind of Heavy-Duty Workout, just Something to get Blood Pumping to my Muscles and Loosen Myself up a Bit.

    The Weight-Lifting Warm-Up Worked So Well that I Rarely Taxed my Connective Tissue Thereafter. I Felt so Much Better, in Fact, that I now do at least a 10 minute Workout before coming to Work, since I have to Tug and Move and Sometimes Pick Up Patients in my Job.

    The Ol' Ounce of Prevention Thing, you know?

    Anyway, that's Enough for me, at this time.

    Do have A Good Day you All!
    Last edit by Davey Do on Feb 17, '14
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    Morning. . . Good

    It's 4:37 AM (EST) here. I'm at work. I'm monitoring two telemetry patients. Both are in Noirmal Sinus Rhythm.

    Pulling back muscles or shoulder muscles hurt. Davey Do, you're idea of working out with weights before working on other stuff (like cars or trucks) seems like a good idea. I used to lift weights once. I was in my teens then. Ahhh. . . memories.

    Michael, I hope you take lots of pictures when you see snow for the first time. Actually, it would be cool to have someone take a picture of you as you throw your first snowball. Seriously. Up until now, I really did not know anyone who can claim to never seeing or experiencing snow. Where I live, we take it for granted. It's what we get during our winter time. Of course, snow comes with cold. I really don't like the cold. But the snow, itself, is a lot of fun. Snowball fights, skiing, snow-shoeing, sledding, snow-mobiling, making snow-castles and snow-forts. It's all fun.

    I'm off from work the next three nights. As mentioned before, I need to be preparing myself for ACLS re-certification class being held this Wednesday. Have I done ANY reading for it yet? Hell, no. I'm avoiding it like I've done in past years. Oh well.

    Anybody watch House of Cards on Netflix? The entire second season is now available for viewing. I've already watched all of the shows to the second season, rather than read and study for ACLS. Yep. The whole freakin' season in one sitting.

    Nothing much else to say. It's good to read about Davey's connective tissues rarely being taxed after a weight-lifting warm-up. Michael finally spelled "hemmorhage" correctly (I think). Hope to see pictures of him throwing his first snowballs. Finally, it was a pleasure to read about both nursefrances and herring_RN eating Tangerines. They are sweet and enjoyable.

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    Well, I mentioned on Sunday's thread that I hoped no one would suffer from insomnia tonight and guess what? I'm still awake at 2:10 a.m. I've read 1/4 of one book and 20 pages of another. Decided to get up and take some Motrin with Benadryl. Out on the couch now awaiting Mr. Sandman to start sprinkling that sand in my eyes . . wait . . .is that how he does it? How does that song go? Wouldn't that kinda hurt? And I have my glasses on - how is he going to get the sand in my eyes? What's in the sand? Is it organic? Does it have GMO's? Is it addictive? Will it make me have dreams of teaching Davey algebra? Will I even attain REM Sleep?

    Ted . . .I always waited until the last minute to study for ACLS. The only time I didn't pass was the first time I took it 16 years ago. It was harder then and I missed one on the mock code about tachycardia. Had to come back the next day and do that part over. Nowadays, they basically walk you through it holding your hand.

    Haven't see House of Cards and don't get Netflix. I'd like to cancel Directv all together and just order through Netflix. That won't happen . . .

    Connective tissue . . . . my anatomy prof's favorite words for some reason. He was/is a great teacher; very artistic and would draw intricate chalk drawings of the innard's of human beings. Especially the cell and all the parts inside. He also expected the best from us. That made some folks complain.

    Maybe if I lay down and take my glasses off . . . .
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