Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  1. 7 I hate the cold. I hate being cold. But looking out my back door at the snow, it's almost worth the cold to look at the beauty. I wish I knew how to attach a picture, as it's as pretty a sight as I've seen in ages.
    Maybe someone else can send some pictures of the snow.
    Six inches here and still falling.
    It's Sunday. I'm not scheduled. I have eggs, milk, bread, and coffee.
    It's a darn good day!
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    I am not sure where in the midwest you are but here in Michigan the stores look like Armageddon is coming. For real no 2% milk last night, empty bread shelves, empty meat counters, etc. It seriously looks like everyone in SE Michigan thought the world was coming to an end. I only went shopping yesterday because I had to. Out of milk, needed something for dinner, etc.

    So glad I am off today, and it is snowing away. It is coming down more and more just looking out my front window. So pretty, but I just don't want to go out in it.

    There are already schools closed tomorrow and Tuesday when we are supposed to have wind chills down to -40 degrees F.
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    I would rather have the snow you're getting than the freezing rain I've got! Went out to get the paper this morning and found myself ice skating down the front walk and driveway. At least snow offers a bit of traction.
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    Minus Fifty three Celcius here with the windchill today. As for snow- we have it up to six months of the year! I would be glad to send more your way....
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    No way!! The holidays are over, I'm ready for spring!
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    Quote from Susan1012
    Minus Fifty three Celcius here with the windchill today. As for snow- we have it up to six months of the year! I would be glad to send more your way....
    Nope you can keep that all the way up there in Saskatoon!
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    Here In NYC we had our snow on Friday and now it looks gross, its gonna rain tomorrow and freeze over, ugh I love snow but not the ice.
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    Ugh, hopefully it doesn't head east. We had enough on Thurs/Fri to last for the next few weeks. I got about 14 inches. I hate winter, snow is only pretty for about 15 seconds and then the plows come by and it gets all gross and slushy.
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    To all you snow lovers out there, I'd like to give y''all a big Bronx cheer (raspberries)!!!

    SOMEBODY has to drive to work; and while I think I try to be careful and have been lucky, it's all the other knuts out there that cause me to worry. And then it's all the innocents that get hurt.

    If all the knuts would just stay off the road ... why do people just insist that they just HAVE TO go out & drive? My Dad used to absolutely tempt the fates by driving in the worst weather. For what? A mark of his manhood? Like he was daring the gods that be ... like Forrest Gump's Lt. Dan in the boat's riggings during the hurricane as he was yelling at the storm!

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    Sorry the snow we are getting is headed to the East coast.
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    15" snow and still falling, 25-30mph winds & temps headed to -17 overnight. All plows have been pulled off the roads for all local counties. NOrthern Indiana is closed.
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    About a foot of snow today - frigid wind chills tomorrow. They came by and plowed in my neighborhood so I think the main roads will be ok for my shift tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be an ugly day in the ED
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    Quote from nrsang97
    Sorry the snow we are getting is headed to the East coast.
    According to our local news people, we're only getting rain tomorrow. We will see. They're also predicting unseasonable warmth (like in the 50s) but then single digits by Tuesday. So I'm expecting the worst winter thing of all- black ice. Rain tomorrow will turn all the snow to mush and make a horrible mess and then the temps will drop back to below 32 and everything will freeze.

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