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Anyone have one? How do you like it? And which model do you have?... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Hubby has a Keurig, I have a Tassimo - love both of them.

    Moving to off-topic.
    Does the tassimo make strong coffee or is that the latta makers one ?

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    Just yesterday, I ordered one of the Mr Coffee ones from JC Penney for my wife as a Christmas gift.
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    Quote from Trekfan
    You have to buy " bold" if you like it strong as I do black silk from foldgers is good and kona and the donken donuts ones are grate .
    I did ... still too weak for me.
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    Heron, did I see you down on the motor oil aisle at WalMart?
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    Nope ... don't need motor oil. I'm a confirmed pedestrian

    I was raised by an ex-marine who was herself raised on a farm. She brought me up on coffee strong enough to drive a truck on.
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    Screw the coffee. I'd much rather have one of these.

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    I love appliances. Really I am obsessed. Bought Keurig Special Edition last Christmas for myself. I bought that one cause it has 3 cup sizes. I like coffee once in a blue moon but like to have it for company. I Like Kona best but have only been able to find Kona Blend lately.I did find Kahula recently but have not tried it yet. I bought the small silver single serving filter, with this you just add any type of coffee you like, It is the pod itself...Mine is used for hot chocolate mainly. Grand kids can make their own, and it is very good.
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    I bought a keurig a few weeks ago and love it. I never understood the hype over these machines. Then I went to a church function and they had 2 keurigs set up with different flavors of coffees and teas. I wanted one after that. I purchased the B70 elite or 'special edition' (something like that). It has 5 cup sizes (4,6,8,10, and 12oz.), a 72 ounce water tank, and can make iced beverages too. I saved $70 by using a 20% off coupon and $40 in saved up rewards store cash (Kohls).

    Our previous coffee maker was a 5 cup smaller pot and we only used half a pot and threw out the rest. This machine is fast and hassle free. (I use bottled water as to decrease chance of hard water scale build up. Might by a Brita water pitcher in future.)

    Now I am trying different k-cups. Curious as to what are favorite flavors of others here. So far I like Twinings English breakfast tea (can get 2 cups of tea from one kcup), cafe escapes Mocha (on 8 oz. cup size, watery if larger size used). My son likes the hot chocolate. My hubby uses the donut shop coffee with a pic of a sprinkle donut on it.

    If you register your keurig machine on the website they will send a one time coupon for 2 free boxes of kcups (with purchase of 2 boxes on their website) It expires in 2099, which I thought was funny.
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    I used my "buy two boxes of k-cups/get 2 boxes free" coupon this week and they should arrive in the mail tomorrow.

    I ordered my favorite twinings english breakfast tea, the rest are all coffee variety samplers. Some are Tully's brand different medium roasts and some green mountain brand flavored coffees, including blueberry. Will let you know how it goes. Looking forward to the party my tastebuds will have.

    My favorite is still Dunkin Donuts coffee. I have't found a kcup blend that is just right yet. Hopefully I will tomorrow. Also looking at buying an ekobrow refillable k-cup filter (found on amazon) to put my store bought DD coffee in. Will order that tomorrow on amazon.

    Since I bought my keurig I am on the hunt for the perfect coffee treat.
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    this is fascinating to know, that the little cups CAN be re-used? I did not know that. I don't own one, but, do love the instant cup thing, so so so fast, so many flavors,
    but, the price of the little cups forever after, seemed daunting to me...

    but, the little cups can be re-used? awesome! All brands, or just certain brands have re-usable little cups?

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