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    Maybe I'm just a little cranky today, but I'm becoming increasingly irritated about folks who just cannot be bothered to put their best foot forward when posting. I wonder about what their charting looks like; how it reflects upon them and how it reflects upon nursing as a profession. I realize that this is an internet forum, and not a legal document. But still, when someone complains about not getting a promotion and uses poor grammar and worse spelling, I cannot help but wonder if the lack of promotion was because of her communication skills and not her too-tight headscarf. (She DID say that "loosing the headscarf would solve all her problems. She meant that it was too tight, right? Or did she mean that LOSING her headscarf would solve all her problems.)

    And where is all this fear about "loosing my license" coming from? Just hold on tight and it won't get away! Now I sympathize with the OR nurse who said her pants were too loose and they fell down while she was scrubbed in. I've had that happen recently. (The loose pants falling down, not the scrubbed in part.)

    There was a long post recently about "Nursing clicks", and the poster went on and on about the "clicks" at work and how miserable they were making her. Worse, the first response also talked about "clicks" at work. Now I'm going out on a limb here, and assuming that they're talking about "cliques" and not about how many times they have to click their mouse to get the required information into the electronic medical record. If "clicks" are making you miserable, write about that. But if it's "cliques," at least go to the trouble of using the correct word.

    For a while, there was a number of threads about nurses looking for their "nitch in nursing" and responded to by posters assuring them that they would find their "nitch." What's a nitch?

    What's a "ppl"?

    And why are so many new nurses worried about incontinent Physical Therapists? Because when I see someone writing about a "PT", I assume they mean Physical Therapist and not "patient" which would be, in longhand, "pt."

    I don't even want to know about the sexual proclivities that would have someone "balling their eyes out." (Or even what would cause someone to "bawl" their eyes out.) But unless you're talking to someone (a crude someone) of my generation about sexual activity, you probably mean "bawl", not "ball".

    Let's just discuss the "roll" of the nurse in the hospital. Or maybe let's not. I cannot imagine why a nurse would be "rolling" in the hospital -- it's not very professional. Of course, I've done it when my knees were really bad and my PT (that's Physical Therapist) advised me that rolling a chair down the hall backward and forward was a good exercise for my knees. Otherwise, maybe we should be discussing the "role".

    In the interests of improving your written communication, please use the correct word! Just write it right!
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    Another one of your call-out threads, eh?Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of the people on AN have dyslexia or do not speak English as a first language? As far as I am concerned, this IS the internet, a place for people to openly vent and ask questions. No one needs the grammar Nazis on their back after a stressful day at work.
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    LOL, I totally agree! The "loosing" in place of "losing" trend is everywhere I look. Another pet peeve of mine is when people put an apostrophe in a word to pluralize it, as in "most of the doctor's at the hospital where I work...". The apostrophe indicates possession, so to which possession of the doctor are they referring? Also "it's" and "its", as in, "I'm not doing that when its my license on the line", or better yet, "Alot of my patients tell me what a great nurse I am." It's A LOT, there is no such word as "alot"!

    I don't get how people who didn't learn the basics of eighth grade English made it through nursing school, but hey...more power "too" them...
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    Ruby Vee- I just figure they are probably in their nursing "roll" while "orientating" and "conversating" with their new preceptors. Lol, truly like nails on a chalkboard!
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    I agree with Ruby....I am grammar nerd too, however I am also a work in progress. I sometimes post things that are not perfect.
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    Here I let many things slide and I am guilty of some mistakes myself at times. It annoys me as well. I know that there are some that are auto-corrected by the "smart device" that may not been seen by the poster right away than they cannot edit later. I guess there is some text talk I don't notice as I have teens that text me ALL the time.

    However I have noticed even in the school system my children attend....there are many things that they just don't properly teach anymore. Their papers have been done on computer since middle school. I shut of spell check/grammar check for a couple of years....and made them look it up....Boy did that make them angry. They appreciate it now.

    Their school system isn't teaching cursive writing any more!!! Can you imagine not being able to read cursive writing? Guess that would eliminate knowing the US Constitution....grrrrrrr
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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    Another one of your call-out threads, eh?Did it ever occur to you that maybe some of the people on AN have dyslexia or do not speak English as a first language? As far as I am concerned, this IS the internet, a place for people to openly vent and ask questions. No one needs the grammar Nazis on their back after a stressful day at work.
    However, as per the Terms of Service.....
    English Only:

    While ALLNURSES.COM, INC hosts visitors from around the world, it is based in the United States and much of our membership is English speaking. Due to our inability to moderate threads in other languages, we ask that interactions be in English for the enjoyment of as many posters as possible.

    Please do not type entirely in capitals as it is considered shouting on the Internet.

    Desiring to maintain professionalism, text speak (also known as chatspeak, txtspk, texting language or txt talk) is strongly discouraged. Along with using proper English spelling and punctuation, this shows respect for the owner, other bulletin board members, guests, and makes it easier to read your message.

    What better of a place could you find for ESL student and NCLEX takers to practice the English language.
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    It is at the very least distracting when the reader is trying to make a honest effort to understand what someone is expressing in a post and you have to pause and mentally "translate" in your head misspellings or wince at bad grammar. I tend to lose (or is it loose, ha ha) my train of thought and will often stop reading.

    Maybe we could post grammar/spelling hints. As in; "loose as a goose."