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Just curious--what is the medical term for...

  1. 0 "buttcrack?" I don't think I've ever seen that addressed back in my medical terminology class days.

    For example, if you had to chart that a patient had a rash there, what would you say?
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    Buttock cleft
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    i just say sacrum
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    I would say "pt. has a rash present on buttocks" and would describe with measurements if able.
    If it were high up the crack I would say sacral
    if it were lower and more generalized I would say gluteal
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    Quote from Farkinott
    Buttock cleft
    I have never heard of buttock cleft.. I will have to look it up now that I am curious
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    It's a wonderful profession when we are able ponder such things. LOLOLOL
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    How about coccyx?

    1. Sacral crest
    2. Coccyx
    3. Posterior sacral foramen
    4. Iliac crest
    5. Sacral hiatus
    6. Vertebral foramen
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    How about "Intergluteal Cleft". After searching in an online medical dictionary (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary), this seemed to make the most sense.

    crena (cre-na) (kren[schwa]) pl. crenae [L. "notch," from crenare to split] a notch or cleft

    crena analis, [TA] intergluteal cleft: the cleft between the buttocks on which the anus opens. Called also anal, clunial, gluteal, or natal cleft, c. ani or c. interglutealis [TA alternatives], c. clunium, gluteal furrow, rima ani, and rima clunium.

    gluteal sulcus, sulcus glutealis, [TA] a curved transverse groove or fold on the posterior aspect of the upper thigh, separating the upper part of the thigh from the nates (buttocks); called also gluteal fold or furrow.

    Butt crack is so much more descriptive though, wouldn't you agree?
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    what about longitudinal anal fissure?

    or inner gluteal fold, proximal/distal to.....
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    Quote from earle58
    what about longitudinal anal fissure?

    Or how about plain ol' gluteus crackimus??
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    Gluteal fold is what I've used/heard. Longitudinal anal fissure would confuse it w/the an anal fissure. Ouch.

    I do like gluteus crackimus a lot, tho....
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    Patient has a rash between the crevice of the buttocks.
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    i vote for gluteus crackimus.
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