It's Saturday - 1/25/2014 - Good Morning!

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    Good Morning -

    Just woke up. Haven't had First Coffee yet. Thought I'd start the day here on the Good Morning thread while the coffee brew.

    It seems like a few of us have travel plans this week-end. dianah is at NAMM. Dianah, hope you share some photos of some of the stuff that you see! What's new in the music-gear world now-a-days? BCgradnurse is in Puerto Rico on a conference. Hopefully the conference is interesting for her and that she's taking some time to see the sights and enjoy the warm weather. Dave Do, I believe, might be getting ready for his Florida vacation! (I just heard that some parts of Florida is experiencing winter-like weather! LOL!) I hope Dave Do is doing better after his accident! And, I hope that he simply has a wonderful vacation. I bet he's gonna take every chance that he can to get on the internet, come to allnurses and share his Florida Vacation Experience on a minute-by-minute basis. LOL! Enjoy, Davey Do!

    Anyone else with travel plans? Sabby_NC, I believe that you have hiking plans for the week-end. Yes? No?

    No travel plans for Amy and I. I actually slept last night so I did not progress much on scoring music for this 31 minute video. I started the process but also started falling asleep while sitting in front of the computer. LOL! I fall asleep in front of the computer all the time, even at work sometimes. Yikes! I should start using my CPAP again. Amy and I might go to the movies later today and see iFrankenstein (I think that's the name of the new Frankenstein movie?). We both have projects to work on, though. We'll see about any movie plans.

    Goodie! I hear the sweet sound of the last gurgles of coffee finishing up its brewing. It's such a lovely sound!! Time for First Coffee!

    For those with travel plans, please be safe and enjoy! For those resting around their home, enjoy that too! Peace!


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    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Yes Ted we plan to go hiking a little later today when it warms up then a longer harder hike up a mountain tomorrow so we can get some good exercise and wear the dogs out, well us too. LOL Not doing any remodeling mate just adding some valances to the windows and putting bamboo roman blinds up against all the French doors but sure I shall put a pic up once done. Now get to work on that musical composition for the video ok? LOL

    AKY I do hope your l'il sweet dog is doing better after getting chemical burns on her paws, poor baby I wonder if she will want to go out again after that?

    Dianah have fun with your musical weekend.

    BC so glad to read you are at your conference and feeling much better I am very relieved to read that, nothing worse flying with a miserable cold, got a T shirt for that and it was horrid.

    Very busy day yesterday working 10 hours with an another admission tossed in to the mix so I picked up another 2 new patients yesterday and our office alone got another 9 admissions which we are very happy about. I still would like just a couple more patients then they would never see me in the office apart from our IDG meetings. LOL I currently have 15 patients to care for.

    Got home exhausted and hubby had a nice vegetarian pizza waiting for me with a very thin crust, I was thankful for that as I had not even given supper any thoughts during the day. Tonight will be shrimp and chicken Chinese style with rice noodles so I am keen to see how that turns out.

    Managed to get most of my house work taken care of after eating but will finish off what little I have yet to do today then we will get the blinds and curtains up before taking the boys for their walk, it is frozen white out there at the moment so it needs to warm up.

    Hope you are all doing well this day and have a most enjoyable weekend.

    Much love to you all.
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    Morning Ted. No vacation plans here until the family reunion in July. Might go to Wisconsin before that, we'll see.

    Got to replace this touch cover, I can't seem to type effectively on it. Already accidentally deleted this post once.

    Had a bad dream about work and woke up depressed. Strange. Although I do find it hard to stop thinking about work once work is done. Speaking of work yesterday went mostly well although I didn't get everything done that I wanted. Towards the end of the day the phone just kept ringing. Last week it was fairly quiet.

    It's hard, I'm very organized and I don't like getting behind and leaving things undone. Unfortunately right now there's too much work. When the latest batch of new people start that should help things. At least I'm not as far behind as most of my co-workers.

    Going to meet a friend and his wife for lunch today, dad's busy this weekend so I won't see him. Have to get the new keyboard today, might run a few more errands as well.
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    Good Morning to All!

    Quote from efiebke
    Dave Do, I believe, might be getting ready for his Florida vacation! (I just heard that some parts of Florida is experiencing winter-like weather! LOL!)
    Yes, on the First Note, you are Correct: I am Readying myself for the "Dead of Winter Vacation" in Florida. As far as the Second Note: How Dare you Laugh at my Weather, Mr. Ted!

    ACT-SHOO-ALL-LEE, a few years ago, Belinda and I Vacationed there during the "Florida Freeze". Forty Degrees in Florida at Night is a Cake Walk. The Day Temps made it into the 60's and Hindered Not Our Plans.

    Performing CPR in a Bog with Poor Results put a Damper on Things, but All in All, it was an Enjoyable Vacation.

    Okay! I've got Things to do! I will be on the Internet, as Ted says, "every day".


    Love you More!

    Davey Do
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    Good morning.
    Thank you for the concern about Topaz. I think it was the sharp crystals rather than actual burns to her feet. She is very dainty and has tiny feel and is carrying a bit of extra weight so I suspect it pushed the crystals between her pads. This morning she was not interested in going out, but did with a bit of patience on my part. There were no crystals left, and the sidewalk was mostly dry. She was not about to stay out long. No problems today.

    We are up to 23* now and expecting more snow today. Not really liking this alternating extreme cold and then snow.Oh well. No vacation plans in the works for me.

    Today I have laundry to do.

    Best get at it. Those of you vacationing, traveling, etc. Enjoy and be safe.
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    Good morning Ted, Sabby, Joe, AKY, Davey(Jones Locker)Do, and all who will visit today.
    I have a head ache. Yesterday I was fighting off a scratchy throat and feeling a little achey. Started popping the zycam again and plan to rest today. I went to bed early. I was asleep by 9pm and woke up at 7:30 (No thanks to Baby the dog and her teeny tiny doggie bladder).

    My hubby and son went off roading, having some "guy" time while I rest in my jammies. Looking forward to sipping some English breakfast tea in a bit. I'm going to laze about in bed a little longer. I, like AKY, see laundry in my near future. I will also crack open the new text book I bought last week, Ophthalmology Nursing. I plan to take the certification test in September. Looking forward to this. If my head ache goes away I might write an article or two this weekend.

    Better get going. Toodles.
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    Good morning, all!

    No Ted, I didn't take a lot of pictures.
    Figured ppl could look on the web and see much better ones than I could take.
    Look up Shred Necks, advertised as a portable practice/warm-up guitar neck. Saw those.
    NAMM was, as always, a visual and auditory sensory overloaded event!!
    Plus lots of walking and standing.
    We always bring fold-up chairs and use them.
    Heard some great playing.
    Saw some friends.
    Played a lil.
    Tried to find some bone bridge pins for my guitar but only found plastic ones.
    Will order the bone ones online (recommended by our luthier, who examined the guitar last week and changed the strings for me. He attempted a glue repair of part of the binding but I will need to go back at a later date and have him do a more extensive repair job on it. Can still play it).

    Stopped by El Torito on the way home, ostensibly for tea and a snack but really to use the bathroom!! -- and they were having a bassist workshop/demo.
    Some very talented fusion players.
    Loud, tho.
    We didn't stay long, as we were tired...
    Guess we're not dyed-in-the-wool musicians, who stay up till 4am gigging...
    We DO have Day Jobs!

    OK, gotta get back to what I was doing.
    Dh wants to arrive by noon, so we can jam a little.
    Check-in is 4pm (remember Steph?? ).

    Y'all have a good one!

    This morning I am finishing packing and then we will head out to Long Beach to stay at the Queen Mary X2 nites.
    We will be jamming (and hopefully relaxing some!) on board/in the hotel.

    I just paid the bills (in preparation for being gone).
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    Slept late again this morning. I worked 12 hours, came home to get husband and go to the Workman's Circle for music. We met a young artist who now sculptures since losing his sight.

    We heard a youth choir sing Yiddish folk songs.
    George Mann told stories and sang songs he does at Veterans Homes (including locked units), and other sing alongs.
    His friend played the saw beautifully. We all sang "Hobo's Lullaby"

    I reconnected with "Uncle Ruthie". She played harmonica and spoons. She taught blind children for many years.
    I took pictures, but am having technical problems so will let you hear Uncle Ruthie" from last years event:

    Here is George:

    Last edit by herring_RN on Jan 25, '14 : Reason: Add video
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    Thanks for sharing dianah and herring RN.

    I'm still in bed
    To nip this impending sickness I figured rest is the best remedy. Now I'm gonna hop in the shower then fry some eggs (not at the same time....sillies!) I'm starving! Dianah reminded me I need to do the bills too. Alright up and at em'!
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    Afternoon all.

    Still stuffed up and woke with a headache so I bowed out of driving 100 miles to my brother's mom's funeral. Called to let them know.

    It is warm and sunny here - took some cold meds and headed outside to get some healing sun. Did some yard work - raking, clipping bushes and the grapevines, picking up the dog poo Spidey missed earlier. I swear some things are starting to bud out and there were bees in the yard!

    Came in for some lunch and will head back outside. After another dose of meds. And some caffeine - maybe I'll walk down and get an ice cold Diet Pepsi.

    Enjoy Dianah! I wish I knew if anyone I worked with still worked on the QM. That's a long long time ago though (34 years).

    Sheesh I'm getting old!! Speaking of which, my daughter-in-law surprised me by FaceTiming me and letting me see my granddaughter. Such fun! She is no longer an infant - she stands up on her mom's thighs and bounces and smiles and laughs! Can't wait to get to go see her.

    Ok - that Diet Pepsi is calling . . . .
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