If I cannot land a RN position by summer

  1. 1 I am going to pack up everything, buy an RV and travel the country with my kids. I am tried of looking and tired of settling for something that does not make me happy at all. If I get a decent job I will be grateful. If not, we are selling it all, buying an RV and learning to bond and travel! I think its a great idea. Heck i might meet a new job offer out there! And find a great place to land? Just a thought that i will make happen. i am feeling a bit crazy at the moment. Maybe a midlife crisis . My poor kids.
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    You can have mine. I'm done with it all. I have nothing more to give.
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    well do both. apply to random places in random cities and travel there. sometimes i feel like quitting my job and traveling before i get old
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    My fantasy escape plan (since kids are grown) is to put my meager possessions in a big backpack with lots of compartments and hit the road, leapfrogging my way elderhostel to elderhostel around the globe. It would be cool to have one of those vintage teardrop trailers, too. Not feasible to take to Madagascar (lemurs!), but a tour of all the National Parks would be fun.

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