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There's a current thread re favorite Christmas movies. I'd like to ask what's your favorite Christmas song. I like 'Baby, please come home for Christmas'. Sung in the 1960s by Darlene Love of... Read More

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    Gene Autry

    A little Story from North MS:

    When Elvis was a boy, his grandfather took him to the hardware store to get his first .22 Rifle (MS Tradition) That's when he saw the guitar, and got it instead. Imagine if he didn't, there would be no (clearing throat...) "Bah-looooooooo Christmas, without you.."

    His father was in prison for "False Pretense" because he had sold a hog for $2 dollars, and he changed the check to $20. They said he was a "liked" guy, but was begrudging the "cheap" man who bought it.

    Went to a Chain Gang Camp.

    Elvis, coming from a white-and-black poor housing project in the Mid 1900s Segregated Tupelo, Mississippi, gave him the mix of African American Blues, Jazzy Notes, and Rhythm most of us white folks lack
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    I love Christmas music. But my favorite radio station is currently playing all Christmas music all the time and it is....a bit much. I miss some of the regular songs they play. It would be better if they mixed it up a bit, and how many different versions can I hear of the same songs?

    I like the old classics too: Bing, Nat, etc. I also like "Breath of Heaven" (Amy Grant). There are many others but I am currently drawing a blank.
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    I guess I am the youngest traditional loving (old soul) in my congregation Tonight was our Christmas Cantata, and I didn't know one song they sang- and they didn't read the Christmas Story(Luke)!

    I wanted to hear all the hymns and familiar songs- but it was all Contemporary!!

    What happened to Silent Night, O' Come all Ye Faithful, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O' Little Town of Bethlehem, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Joy to the World, O' Come Emmanuel, Away in a Manger, O' Night Divine, We Three Kings, and Go Tell it on the Mountain?

    I guess I'm one of the last of a dying breed I had to play my Mahalia Jackson Christmas CD on my way to work to get over this(helped)!!

    I might be the only white guy in Central Mississippi with Mahalia on my iPod
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    Here is my fav image of SantaClick image for larger version. 

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    OOPs! NOO! Wrong jpg... Here is my true fav image of Santa Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wyeth_450.jpg 
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ID:	12056 It's a wyeth and I LOVE it.. It's the first of the holiday decor to be hung at my house and the last to be taken down.
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    Hey BostonT - I've got you beat. I have a catalogue CD of a gal who sings familiar Christmas carols all in Native American Indian languages/dialects. She's very easy to listen to but it's very odd hearing carols in the untraditional languages.

    You tend to follow along in English but after a while, you catch on to some 'words' phonetically. Latin, French and Spanish we all recognize, but this tape is very different. Very foreign to me.

    I think in a prior life, I was Native American and I wanted to hear the languages again. But they didn't sound too familiar, so I question that prior life stuff.

    Nice tape though.
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    A bit off topic but I knew a man who had had a stroke that left him with just a whisper voice, mumbling and difficult to undertand. He would sing in Tlingt, a language of SE AK Indians, and be clear and loud enough to hear. I agree that following in English in my head was so foreign. The melody sweet and the words clear but I did not know any of the words.
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    Lol, I got Sissel Kirkjeb°, singing in Norwegian(Nynorsk), she is freaking amazing- played it in the car with my friends. It was obviously "Silent Night," but a backseater complained, "I don't understand Norwegian!"

    Then, calmly, the group smarty in the passenger seat began(MS Native born), she singing..."Silent Night, Holy Night, all is..." Eyes were rolling. She is my favorite singer, period- she mesmerizes me!!!! (She was the background voice on the movie "Titanic.")
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    Hep Stars - Christmas Today (Benny Andersson) - YouTube
    Sent by my DS who loves all things in foreign languages. This one is in English and what a treat. Never heard it before. Fun.
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    0 Holy Night. but my favorite album which I can listen to end to end many times running is the Peter, Paul, and Mary Christmas Concert album. I love the songs in that collection.
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    For BostonTerrierLoverRN

    For tntrn

    I don't know your favorite songs so I posted mine.
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    Think I am a Griswold. I love Christmas!!
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    I heard a new one this year, loved it. I kinda smiled, as i was shampooing the rug when this song played out the line,
    " I don't care if the carpet is stained, we have food on the table."

    ^scroll down, the lyrics are posted under the video. Lovely. Nails it for me.

    still, one of my alltime fav is probably still "White Wine in the Sun".
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