GOOD MORNING THREAD Friday, December 27, 2013

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    Just think there are not too many 2013's left, are there?

    Went to photobucket to find a picture for the thread and came across this:

    "New Anti-Aging Drink, Takes just once a day, and you don't need to visit a gym as often."

    This person knows what it takes to sell a product, I'll tell you what!

    anyway... today I am supposed to take my son Tom (26 y.o.) back to MA, he is going to work out his notice and will be moving up to Maine mid-January!

    It has been real nice seeing him. Tonite he made dinner for my BFF and I. and did half the dishes before his finger broke - hahaha

    So anyway - hope you all have a great day -

    oh, here's your picture
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    Good Morning -

    Pretty picture, Liddle Noodnik. I feel younger just by looking at it! LOL! Your son broke his finger? While cooking? Ouch! What happened? Iti's nice that he cooked you and your BFF dinner, though.

    I'm at work. There's only one patient in our teeny-tiny ICU. The other nurse is still on orientation so she's managing his care. She's doing a fine job. Patient is safely sleeping with his heart a-beatin' (Sinus Rhythm, rate in the 60s to 70s; blood pressure stable.) At present, the ER is empty; no moms & babes at maternity; and, eight patients out on the Med/Surg floor. It's the realities of a "Critical Care Access" facility. Love my job. (Believe it or not, it can get crazy busy here! HOpefully not tonight. Knock on wood.)

    Hope to get a good day's sleep today. Will probably get home between 8:00 to 8:15 AM; my head will hopefully hit the pillow by 8:30 AM; will probably wake up between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM; will eat lunch then it's back to bed for Second Sleep; up again by 5:00 PM to feed the dogs, do the "Three S's", then off to work again by 6:00 PM to start another shift at 7:00 PM. Pretty much been doing this for the past 15 years while employed at this hospital (21 years total during my nursing career).

    I'm really a boring fellow. . . LOL!

    Nothing else profound to write. No thoughts of wisdom. No interesting experiences to share. Just hold a sincere wish that all who travel here have a pleasant day.

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    Hi Liddle and ted. Also i see you there steph. Fri night here and I am making dinner. Good old fashioned stew.
    See you all tomorrow.
    Night night M
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    Quote from Liddle Noodnik
    finger broke - hahaha
    Get a Charge out of a Fractured Finger, eh, LN? I bet you could Chuckle Heartlessly at a Paper Cut and a Little Lemon Juice!

    I do like the Cut of Your Jib. Hey- there's an Job Opening you might be Interested in as a Social Director on a Slave Ship. Your Abilities could really Fit the Bill!

    Nice Pic.

    Ted: Thanks for Sharing your Sleep Schedule with us. I was on the Edge of my Seat, waiting for your Wake Up Time. What a Charge!

    Michael: Why do they call it "Stew"? Stew sounds too much like a "Big Ol Angry Soup"! I never really met a Stew with a Bad Attitude...

    I'm Off Tonight, as in my Job and not Kelter. Belinda wants me to spend Time with her.

    I wonder what that's All About?

    Oh Well. Thanks for Allowing me to have Fun near you and do have A Good Day.
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    Morning Liddle Ted Michael Davey

    Fairly busy day at work yesterday, still behind but I wasn't too stressed. Hopefully today won't be too stressful either, and I'll be able to make up some ground.

    Did the grocery shopping, most of it, last night. Will do the remainder later. And did the exercise bike too.

    Humidifier sprang a leak yesterday, thankfully nothing important got soaked. Will probably replace it tonight, I find without one I get really dehydrated when sleeping, get a headache and sore throat.
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    been sleeping real good lately, slept well last nite, yay!

    Quote from efiebke
    Your son broke his finger? While cooking? will probably wake up between 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM ... Pretty much been doing this for the past 15 years while employed at this hospital (21 years total during my nursing career).

    ... Just hold a sincere wish that all who travel here have a pleasant day.

    well he must have broken the finger since he only did half the dishes haha. but to be fair it is usually understood that he who does not cook washes the dishes lol. He probably expected me to jump up and insist on doing them but I didn't

    that is an ODD sleep schedule. but apparently it works!

    have a good one!

    Quote from bushambo
    making dinner. Good old fashioned stew.
    yum, and hey it's good to see you!

    Quote from Davey Do
    Get a Charge out of a Fractured Finger, eh, LN?.
    lol must a been one... but see above. no if it really happened I'd be crying all over him, trust me, my poor bébé lol

    Quote from Joe NightingMale
    I get really dehydrated when sleeping, get a headache and sore throat.
    I gotta get my dehumid. set up I'm having the same prob! hope you have a good day!
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    As the mother of sons and the wife of a husband . . . I knew Liddle was being very sarcastic in her remark about breaking a finger.

    Although I must say that my two oldest boys have grown up into very helpful men. The 12 year old and the 60 year old . . .well, there's hope for the 12 year old but the 60 year old?

    Good morning everyone! Sitting here in my kitchen with a good cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans and the electric heater at my feet. I'm the only one awake. I'd go steal the baby but she's asleep between her parents right now.

    We had a great day yesterday - a surprise visit from my two oldest boys bio-dad and their half-sister (I hate that term though - you are a sister/brother regardless). Took them to shoot clay pigeons and she hit her first try! I spent a lot of time with my granddaughter. Soaking it all up because they'll be leaving tomorrow.

    Davey - I've never understood Ted's schedule . . . come home from work and go to bed at 8:30 a.m. and then wake up a few hours later? What? Then another nap? Why not just sleep 8 full hours like normal people?

    I've got to figure out what to make for breakfast . . . .but first I'll pour myself a second cup of coffee.
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    Sabby - how's your dear hubby?
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    Hi All,

    Not long ago got home, managed to get the house work taken care of and on the last load of washing to dry.

    Hubby's procedure was over 6 hours long, went well per the Cardiologist but Joey was doing much better than last time. Have been up since 4am so I am exhausted but it was wonderful to assist hubby eat a little food before he kicked me out to get home and rest.

    His heart is in a beautiful Sinus Rhythm which made me smile.

    I pray so hard this is the last procedure because it sure has been tough, I cried on my way home, tears of thanks that God brought him through.

    Thanks for asking Stephanie.

    See you all in the morning.
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    Sabby_NC - I most probably missed some announcement by you but in reading your post here, I'm seeing the words "procedures", "Cardiologist" and thankfully, ". . . doing much better than last time", as well as ". . . Sinus Rhythm", and I'm getting the impression that your husband had something going on. Whatever it may be, my only wish is that he and you are OK. If his health is compromised in some way, then I also wish for continued healing and will most certainly hold him and you in Prayers (even if he is OK). Sinus Rhythm is a beautiful thing.
    Last edit by Ted on Dec 27, '13
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