Good Morning! January 23,2014

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    Another Good Morning! to you as I work the Last Shift before my "Dead of Winter" Vacation! I'm Writing in between Rounds and Other Duties, so please excuse any Incomprehensible Blathering....

    It is, as Dad use to say, "Colder than a Well Digger's Belt Buckle" Outside!

    We might also Metaphorically Say, "Colder than Sabby's Nars Hairs!"

    Or Something as Incomprehensible as Michael's "Goodbye Earl". (That One Got By Me.)

    We might Refer to Something that's Difficult to Open as "Stuck as Joe's Car Door!"

    Or Something "Annoying as AKY's Tinnitus". (I have The Same Problem. It's like listening to the Crickets without Buddy Holly!)

    We could Metaphorically refer to Longevity as "Been Together as long as herring's 'Old Lady' Friends!"

    But I wonder, dianah: At a "Snot Fest", would Mucous Music be Played?

    I should leave the Topic of Bikinis to BC and steph. But I sure wouldn't want to wear one outside in This Weather. Freeze my Midriff Bulge off!

    Maybe I'll Wear One Next Week. When I'm in Florida!

    Have a Good Day!
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    Good Morning My friends,

    Davey I am so relieved that you are ok I saw the photo of your truck and it made me feel sick. Just very happy you did not get seriously hurt. I got a giggle over today's post but remember Sabby does not have any nasal hairs now due to the wind and cold yesterday. LOL

    Hi Ted I see you down there, hope you are doing well and that work was 'q' for you.

    BC I hope you are feeling much better and getting ready for your conference/ trip. Have an awesome time and you better be feeling improved before getting on that plane my dear.

    Awesomely cold day getting around my patients, one did not have the door unlocked so I stood there shivering, she finally let me in and I burst through with great gusto trying to get my face to move so I could speak. LOL

    We may even break it above freezing today, now that will feel like a heat wave, so I am looking forward to that as long as that wind has abated. Now I do not mind cold, in fact I really like it but toss that wind in to the mix and it takes a dive in my eyes.

    Looking at another great day of patient visits and time to sit while they share the stories of their lives. Just love getting to know my patients well and it sure does help towards the end of their life if you do.

    Actually had a nice time sitting with our DPS and another colleague just catching up on stuff which was great, we do not often get a chance just to talk about life etc.

    Well I guess I best get myself ready for work, wear my new fancy shmancy bright colored new shoes, I should tap my heels together and see what happens.

    Be safe out there, especially after Davey Doo's slide and roll over. I truly am thankful you are ok mate.

    Much love to all my AN mates and maties.
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    Good Morning -

    Gotta do a quick "hello". Work is steady tonight. Steady is good.

    It's -3 degree outside. It'll be freakin' cold when I leave work this morning.

    Davey Do - Florida vacation is coming soon! Good for you. Drive safely, buddy! Geeze. I'm very relieved that you made it out OK after a 65 MPH accident! YIKES!

    Sabby_NC - Seems like work is going well for you.

    Gosh. . . bell ringing. . . got to go. Be safe, folks!

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    Davey sorry to hear about your truck.

    Morning Sabby and Ted.

    Finally got a pretty good night's sleep! No insomnia or migraines this time. Hopefully that is all past.

    The offsite visit went well, though I got back to work later than expected. But at least I didn't get behind like I feared. Though lacking sleep I was kind of semi-conscious through the rest of the day.

    Did grocery shopping yesterday as the laundry room was busy. Will do laundry tonight. Going to be a very cold day today.
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    Morning to all.
    Headed to work soon.

    Yes Ted, NAMM tomorrow!
    First time we went, spent two whole days there.
    It was WAY too much stimulation!!
    Second time (last year): in 3hr we had done all we needed to do and seen all the ppl we wanted to see.
    This year, hope to spend only 5-6hr.
    It's just too, too noisy, lol!
    Very fun, though.
    Don has a friend who used to work with Taylor and Rich guitars (back before just the Taylor days), and he gets us tickets thru his bizness.

    OK, gotta go.
    I read thru you all (yes, and gasped at yesterday's photo of Davey Do's truck. So glad you are with us!!), have a good day.
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    Colder than a well digger's belt buckle is certainly colder than the version I heard growing up and that was about his butt.

    If Michael meant "Goodbye Earl" as the song The Dixie Chicks sing, well, that's about a woman who is married to an abusive man and her high school friend comes back to help her and then . . well, they dispatch him with alacrity. It's about "murder" or "self-defense" but I think it is a very funny song.

    Good morning! My throat is not as sore so I'm hoping the Zicam and yesterday's day of relative rest helped. Off to work shortly. Dh took Spidey to band.

    Dianah - have fun!
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    Della Mae nominated for a Grammy!
    Heard these women perform at last year's Huck Finn Jubilee and they rocked!
    I wish them success!
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    Just got up. I slept ten hours last night after a long active day.

    Yes old ladies we are. I attended their weddings and some of their children's weddings.
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    Quote from dianah
    Della Mae nominated for a Grammy!
    Heard these women perform at last year's Huck Finn Jubilee and they rocked!
    I wish them success!
    Never heard of Della Mae.

    However. . . . I HAVE heard of Bobby Messano! He's friends with my sister and her husband (who used to be involved in the videography industry). Bobby Messano and his group played at my sister's 50th Birthday Party last year which was organized by her loving hubby. Lots and lots of her friends and family attended the party. Because of my vacation and work schedule, unfortunately, I could not attend. (I just finished a 2 1/2+ week vacation.) (Whine, cry, whine.) Well, Bobby Messano and his group is nominated for a small BUNCH of Grammy awards! Am I name-dropping?!?!? Oh hell, YES!! LOL!

    Edited to add: Well, after reading his web-site, it says that he has garnered eight "first round" Grammy Nominations. I'm not quite sure what "first round Grammy Nominations" means, but it seems that he was involved with the nomination process in some manner.
    Last edit by Ted on Jan 23, '14
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