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Good Morning! 012114

  1. 5 Good Morning!

    Isn't it Interesting how many Different Ways we can Note the Date? By the Month/Day/Year or by the Day/Month/Year, by Standard Numbers or Roman Numerals.

    The Form used in this Thread's Title is the One used at the State Hospital where I worked over 20 Years Ago: Two Numbered Month/Two Numbered Day/Two numbered Year.

    You may think I'm going Somewhere with this Subject but I'm not. Typically, when I Start Typing, I get a Subject in Mind and I Just Allow the Forces That Be take me Where they may.

    I have No Goal in Mind, which could be termed "Organic". Organic Goals are Better for you than those Pesticide-Ridden, Antibiotic and Steroid Saturated Goals. And we all want to Consume Things that are Better for us, don't we?

    So, Feast your Eyes upon these Words which are on your Computer Screen, Imbibe in a little Discussion, and Enjoy the Organic Tact this Good Morning Thread always Takes!

    The Very Best to Each and Everyone of You!
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    Good Morning Davey and all who slide in for a natter,

    Davey I have to say I love anything organic especially my goals, nice healthy good for my brain and body goals Yeah that is the way to go. Those other goals you mentioned just will not do for me no way!!

    Well yesterday went well, left straight from home to my patients and when finished came straight back home, no office time for me but we do have IDG this afternoon so I will be there then to catch up and get through IDG and staff meeting.

    Looking forward to getting out on the road today, get those patients checked out and have a wee chat with them all. I so enjoy just sitting and chatting to my families, preparing them for the road ahead, ensure that they are confident in what they are doing.

    The weather is really taking a dive for the next 4 days but nothing new there after all it is winter, all we can do is suck it up and get on with life eh? I actually take each day for what it is so layer up and get out there. I am a wee bit worried about the mention of glazing tonight, praying we all make it home safely should that occur.

    Going to make some crab cakes for the first time tonight so wish me good luck, I will not eat them as I cannot eat shell fish but hubby loves them. I found some nice fresh crab meat and I have this recipe rolling around in my head. LOL So he will be Mr Guinea pig tonight. hahhahahaha He honestly does not mind trying new things that I prepare. Just thinking of what to prepare to serve them on. Some kind of veggie medley I believe.

    Gawd I had such a great sleep I did not want to haul my toosh out of that comfy warm bed but alas that steenkin' alarm had a different idea for me. GET UP!! Darn thing I should take to it with a baseball bat but I do not have one. LOL

    Hope you all have a most excellent and happy day no matter what you get up to.

    Smile as it is so infectious and those are the kind of infectious things we can spread safely without harm.

    Much love to you all this day.
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    Morning Davey and Sabby

    Feeling quite drowsy this morning, had some insomnia last night. Took forever to fall asleep and woke up several times. Probably should have taken some melatonin or diphenhydramine but I waited too long. Oh well I'll go to bed early tonight.

    Did a lot of cooking and vacuuming yesterday, was going to do some mopping but decided to let that wait. Got outside too as it wasn't too cold yesterday.

    Today and the next few days to be very cold, will be glad when it's all past.
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    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Those other goals you mentioned just will not do for me no way!!
    Yes, Sabby. Those Other Goals are also High in Non-Nutritional Value.

    Quote from Sabby_NC
    he will be Mr Guinea pig tonight. hahhahahaha He honestly does not mind trying new things that I prepare.
    We Guys don't Mind being Guinea Pigs when it comes to Food. In fact, we Enjoy it. Our Stomach is One of the Two Areas of Priority!
    Quote from Sabby_NC

    Gawd I had such a great sleep I did not want to haul my toosh out of that comfy warm bed but alas that steenkin' alarm had a different idea for me. GET UP!! Darn thing I should take to it with a baseball bat but I do not have one. LOL
    If you can't be a Hitter, then try being a Pitcher, Sabby. I find that the throwing the Fast Ball with the Alarm Clock works really well.
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    Morning - went to bed really early (7 p.m.) because we have a hospice patient close to dying. So close I was sure I'd get called out last night. I woke several times checking my phone because I was afraid I'd slept through the call. Nope. People are amazing.

    Crab cakes! Yummy.

    Hope you all have a good day. I'm headed out early as soon as I give report to the oncoming nurse - lots of stuff to do today.

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    Good morning! It's pretty cold today, with snow on the way. As long as it's over by Thurs. AM I don't care. I don't want my flight to sunshine cancelled! I started with a cold and sore throat yesterday, and I hope it's on it's way out by Thurs. Still-better to be sick on the beach than sick in a snowstorm!

    Sabby-I love crab cakes!! Send some to my house! Davey-I'm having organic tea this AM-does that count? Joe-I hope you have a better night's sleep tonight. Steph-glad you didn't get called out.

    I must get going. We're trying to fit in as many patients as we can before the snow starts. Hope all are well today.
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    Good morning everybody!

    Working lunch breaks today.
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    Morning. . . Good.

    Had a very fun and productive day, yesterday, video-taping. The subject was "Our Sim-Lab with our "Sim-Man". (I'm still figuring out an appropriate title for the video.) I tell you, that $70,000.00 Sim-Man is quite the high-tech thing-a-ma-jig. LOL! He (and sometime she) has everything from dilating pupils to all kinds of holes to practice all kinds of things that healthcare professional do to patients. You can even feel pulses when the rhythm is good and feel the pulse stop when the rhythm becomes quite lethal. Type in a few commands via Sim-Man's (and sometimes Sim-Woman's) specialized laptop and he/she will even talk to you! Seriously! Well, the mouth doesn't move. That would have cost an extra few thousand dollars, I'm sure. Anyway, I video-taped the magic that Sim-Person has to offer then video-taped a Mock-Code which proves this many-thousand-of-dollars-mannequin's worth. Of course Mr/Ms Larry/Louise lived, but required intubation and cold-packing (with fake ice) to help increase his/her chances of survival. Oh yea. you can change its sex. LOL!

    I'm working the next three nights. So, it's the usual "eat, sleep, work" schedule for me.

    Davey-Do. . . you must read "The Bold Soprano" by Eugene Ionesco. It's a fun play to read and I think you'd like some of the dialogue.

    Hope all have a pleasant day.

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    Good day all. Well, my sore throat and ears progressed to losing my voice by last night. This a.m. I could talk a bit and have been drinking tea until I could float a battleship. I think it is working. Between the tea and OJ, I think I am getting better. I have been resting and looking at the snow. We are getting a bit and lots of wind. I just took the dog out, she hated it, and there were 6 or so inches in most areas. Zero in others where the wind had taken it. We are in the 6"-12" area, but the worst is the wind. it is going to get much colder with wind chills below zero. I want to be BC's luggage carrier.

    Well, back for more good stuff and more rest.

    I did read everything but am too tired to say more than . Enjoy.
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    Hi all - making homemade chicken soup.

    This afternoon I started feeling a slight tickle in my throat and my nose started running. Now it is a bit sore. I'm doing Zicam! Hoping this "cold" doesn't stand a chance against Zicam and Chicken Soup.

    Our hospice patient died a few hours after I was off call. Peaceful and pain free.

    It is warm here - almost took a walk at lunch. Grateful for the warm weather - not feeling guilty about how badly we need rain/snow. Yet. I will. Don't want the firefighters to suffer for it this summer.

    Soup's ready! Off I go. (BC - wish I were going with you and aky . . )
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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Our hospice patient died a few hours after I was off call. Peaceful and pain free.
    It's a Wonderful Service you all Provide, Hospice.

    I was first introduce to the Concept with my First Hospital Job back in '84, as the Hospice Unit was next to the Psych Wing where I worked. An Old Friend of Mine worked Hospice, we would ride to Work together sometimes, and she'd tell me about her Job.

    As part of Belinda's Training, she worked three days a week for three months with a Hospice Nurse, so she has a Pretty Good Idea of the Services you all provide.

    When my Brother Eddy needed Hospice Services last October, I read the Book, End of Life in order to gain Additional Information.

    When you say "Peaceful and pain free", that's how it was with Eddy. The Day before he Died, I was able to take him on a Wheel Chair Ride, Pop some Wheelies, and Later have a Good Laugh with him and my Sister Cat.

    Yep. You All do Good Work and it is Very Much Appreciated.
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