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Friday - October 25, 2013 - Good Morning

  1. 3 Good Morning -

    It's 5:00 AM (EST) here.

    My one and only patient is safely sleeping with her heart a-beatin' (100% ventricularly paced @ 60 BPM). It was a "Goldie Locks" night - not too slow and not too busy. My patient seems to be improving. Doesn't need to be in the ICU any more, but still remains here. She's relatively stable (though her elevated BUN/Creat are of concern for everyone). Helped out the Med/Surg floor by putting together charts for their three admissions. All were settled in safely. In between doing tasky stuff, I was preparing myself to give a 2 hour in-service on TeamSTEPPS which our hospital wants fully incorporated. I took a three-day course on TeamSTEPPS over 4 years ago and we are JUST NOW getting it implemented throughout our hospital system. (Clarification: I started SBAR reporting 5 years ago which we've been using since them.) The "group" responsible in sharing the in-servicing hasn't offically met in over a year. I've asked a couple of times if we could all meet just to support ourselves for this phase of the process. All seem to recognize that we need to get together. It seems that coordinating the effort is a challenge because of everyone's busy schedules. In the meanwhile, I'll be doing my first presentation of TeamSTEPPS in about 6 hours (after working all night long). Yea!

    Enough whining. . .

    I'm off from work during the next three nights. Haven't seen Amy in three days. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder. LOL!) As it stands now, the only plans we have is to see AKY on Sunday which will be nice. Nothing else, though. Maybe house cleaning? Hiking? Diner and a movie? I guess we'll be playing it by ear.

    Hope everyone has a restful week-end. Peace.

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    Good Morning Ted and all who pop in,

    Glad you are having a great night Ted makes it so much better when it is a controlled night versus mayhem. I do hope you get to see AKY this weekend, praying she can get there and have some down time away from what she has been going through.

    Had a great day yesterday although I had a nursing student with me which was ok but I was really hanging out for a day on my own, still it was good and she asked some good questions if she was not too busy texting, I so wanted to toss that phone away!! LOL

    D will be doing some visits for me on her own, while I take care of some patients then head to an admission that cancelled yesterday and they may do the same today who knows.

    It sure is going to be a frigid morning for our hike tomorrow, forecast is for 20's overnight so brrrrrrrr will be rugged up well me finks!

    Hope you all have a most wonderful Friday no matter what you get up to.

    Much love and prayers for you all.
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    Sabby_NC - Texting while working. . . as a nursing student, no less. . . not cool. You should have tossed the damned thing out. I really hate it when people text around me. It's so inconsiderate. Blech. Glad to read that your day went well, otherwise.
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    Morning Ted and Sabby

    Actually slept fairly well last night, which was an improvement over last night. Work wasn't too bad either, managed to get pretty much everything done. Definitely glad it's Friday. Got the grocery shopping done last night and did the exercise bike too. Decided to switch to granola for breakfast instead of the Irish oatmeal, which was getting to be a chore to prepare. Nothing else really going on, hope to do another bike ride tomorrow.
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    Going to work today.
    Had cereal and a tangerine.
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    Good morning!

    Yeah, I hate texting too. When you are a guest especially. That's a no-no.

    We might be headed to the bigger city after school today. Looking for a new-to-us (aka used) pickup for dh. Hopefully will have a chance to swing by and visit my mom in the "looney bin" (don't get mad; that's what she calls it). I'm also looking to buy myself a new computer - Apple stores, here I come.

    I fell off my diet wagon for the first time in a month - birthday party for Spidey's 2 year old second-cousin. I was good until the baked potatoes came out of the oven. I had two small potatoes - I'd rather have those than cake and ice cream so I passed on the sweets, which I usually do. Don't have much of a sweet tooth. So, back on the wagon this morning.

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    Quote from efiebke
    Sabby_NC - Texting while working. . . as a nursing student, no less. . . not cool. You should have tossed the damned thing out. I really hate it when people text around me. It's so inconsiderate. Blech. Glad to read that your day went well, otherwise.
    LOL I should have but I thought 'if she does not have time to listen to what I am saying why bother' so I just did my job and hauled her tail around with me. Glad I did not have much for her in the afternoon and suggested she get some school work done! Chaps my hide for sure but I will let her Instructors deal with her. LOL