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Friday November 11 2016

  1. 4 Happy Veteran's Day

    Was glad I had yesterday off. The dentist was in the morning and took an hour, my jaw is sore from holding it open so long. Thankfully my next appointment isn't until the spring

    Rest of the day was fine, did grocery shopping, went out for a walk, and relaxed, talked with J as usual and my dad

    Tonight is the wake for my sister's friend's mother. Going to meet with J after work and go. Tomorrow morning is the funeral mass and I'll join my sister and dad for that

    Nothing else planned for today. J and I may go out to eat after the wake

    Glad it's Friday
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    Hi Joe. Hope your day goes well.

    Funny thing happened on the way to Costa Rica. Flew to Miami without event, got on the plane on time to go to Costa Rica, the plane was in line on the runway and then was told the flight was canceled due to volcanic ash in the air around he airport. Took two hours to get us off the plane. Many phone calls later it was decided the best thing to do was to cancel and miss the tour. We might have gotten in the next day or might not have as apparently eruptions from this volcano are ongoing and the day before they canceled flights as well. Needless to say I'm seriously bummed out right now.

    So today, I'm just going to unpack and regroup, go to the grocery store and relax some.
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    The painters showed up at 7 today and woke me up. I should be happy tha they showed up at all! I plan on taking the dog to the town forest for hike, and then going to pick up my fireplace log and doors. This remodeling project ended up being more extensive then I originally planned and I will be so happy when it's over.

    Tweety-What a disappointment! I am bummed for you. Joe-Hope the jaw feels better soon.

    Have a good day everyone.
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    Good Friday morning and THANK YOU to all our veterans who have served!
    I am humbled and blessed to work and interact with you daily!

    Tweety, CANNOT believe your tour is cancelled!
    So sorry!
    Good it wasn't for health reasons, that it was just a precaution.
    Well, go twiddle thumbs.. I'm sure you will figure out something to do with your time off!
    Too bad you don't live near the beach...

    Joe, hope your jaw feels better soon.

    Dh and I are off, gonna head to MIL's for lunch and a visit.

    Y'all have a good one!
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    BCGrad, I hear the same from others who have remodeled: it turns out to be WAY more involved than first anticipated!
    But you will be pleased with the results, yes?
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    Tweety sorry to hear your trip was cancelled
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    Hello nurses!
    Sorry your trip was cancelled Tweety. Have a good time whatever you decide to do.

    BCgradnurse: wish they would finish the job sooner, but everyone i know who had remodeling done says it usuallyv takes at least twice as long and costs more than expected.

    Dianah: Enjoy your lunch.

    Joe: I think you, J, your Dad and sister will be a comfort to your friend.

    Thankful for our Veterans and those serving now.
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    Thank you to all of our U.S. Armed Forces (plus Auxiliary Forces and the USO) past and present, for your services to our country.

    Friday. Huh. Ratz; While everyone else says a hearty "T.G.I.F!" I know I have to go to work tomorrow. I would LOVE to have the weekend off, however...and in neither case do I feel it would be at all kosher to call in (or out, depending on your perspective). I care too much about my patients to crap out on them unless I'm really and truly not well, or an emergency arises. It'll be alright; once I'm there, I'm glad I went. Too bad they don't have a fenced yard, I could bring the dogs. Not such a good idea, though, because they are still not, at age 9 & 1/2 reliably house-trained.

    Hubs left a few hours ago to go down to his mother's for -?- maybe about a week?
    I have been busy this AM. First thing I did was clean out the fridge and straighten up the freezer. See, hubby and I share different dietary tastes and his leftovers will grow fuzzy white, green and black before he comes back, so out they went!

    I am also pulling a Sabby: stewing a chicken, steaming mixed veggies from (as we call it) the Framer's Market; also asparagus. I'm waiting for the potatoes to cool so I can make a potato salad WITH onions and without sweet pickles, got me some kale and broccoli-slaw and I don't know what all else I'll come up with, but it'll be something good! Then I'll have things *I* like to eat all week long! Grab'n'Go!

    At the HFS, on their hot-bar buffet, they had roasted carrots and garlic, and, *slurp*, mah gawd, was it ever good!! Also quite YUM was roasted cauliflower with smoked paprika sprinkled on it, and I think some tumeric also, but I don't have any smoked paprika.
    I did get a head of cauliflower so I can make my own, but I have to wait until tomorrow so I can use my patient's oven. Oh, and I have to bring my own olive oil, too. The corn oil that was there, I told 'em it was rancid (partial fib) and they got something more acceptable, but no olive oil.

    It's an hour too early but the dogs are double-teaming me about feeding them supper now. HA! Like that's gonna happen. Their happy little perky ears fall when I say "It's TOO EARLY!" (twirley, twirley, TWIRLEY, dammit, so HUSH!)

    Back to the kitchen! Catch ya laydah!
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    Thanks guys. I'll just go back to work next week and save the time. Major disappointment. Life goes on...and there is the beach.
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    Tweety, I guess this means you won't be bringing me back the souvenir Carmen Miranda hat I asked for, eh?
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    Hey ho,

    Tweety, Joe, BC Grad, Dianah, Herring and Stars,

    I only slept three hours last night and feel grumpy. Tried to take a nap and couldn't. Made a post earlier and thought it posted.

    I did think it was odd that you were posting from Costa Rica last evening, Tweety. That's a big shame. I hope you can get some money back.
    BC Grad, it's only till Thanksgiving, right? Then you'll be all sorted.
    Stars, you're exhausting me cooking up all that food. I did make some barbecue chicken yesterday and there's leftovers.

    So whatever plans I had today are cancelled. I did go to the gym at 05:00 when it opened. In fact I was hanging about the door for a few minutes until they opened it. On the plus side, I am doing well now and can see definition. I sort of let myself go a bit on vacation.

    Daughter texted me a picture of a black bear they saw in Maryland. I am silly but I didn't think y'all had bears on the east coast.

    Oh, edited to add, on Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) in the UK we all used to wear poppies. And we'd be silent for two minutes at 11am. Thanks to our veterans.

    The story of the poppy | The Royal British Legion
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    I just finished watching "Hello, My Name is Doris" with Sally Field; she was so adorable, it was well written and a good role for her.

    Gotta NOT stay up late tonight, as I have to be up at 5:45 A.M.
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    I am deleting my account. Andy B told me he was going to knife me. I reported this person two days ago. Allnurses is not safe.