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Friday January 6th 2017

  1. 6 Good Morning and TGIF.

    Sure hope you are doing well this day and managing things the best you can.

    Our daughter and partner are doing better, he was able to head home for a while with trach still in place, facing more surgery, jaw still wired shut but his attitude is awesome. I continue to pray for this guy and of course Jen, they have literally been to h*ll and back. Long recovery in front of him but at least he passed the second swallowing test so he can have clear fluids. Thank you for your prayers which are always greatly received.

    Work is slowly wearing me down, my colleague and I continue to pray for a new RN Case Manager soon, this running every day is tough. LOL Just need to get through today then I can hibernate for the weekend NOT going any where other than walking my dogs.

    Hubs is loving his new job, to see him come home smiling and excited to head off the next day is heart warming. Even after a busy day with multiple admits he is still happy.

    Looks like we are all in for some yucky weather, not much one can do about it other than be ready. Hubby got the grocery shopping done so I will have nothing to do.

    Hubby is really being so sweet, he surprised me with a phone call saying he had ordered a new kitchen for me. Nothing wrong with the one we have other than it is not quite our taste, so he chose new counter tops in quartz, new color for the cabinets and a very pretty back splash. He does not know that this just starts the ball rolling, next will be painting the room out and of course looking at flooring. Haahahahahaaha

    We continue to walk the dogs twice a day and loving it although it is a wee cool, rugging up and enjoying that freezing air on your face sure does make you feel alive, no really you just cannot wait to get back in the house. Hahhaaaa

    So fill me in what have I missed?

    Sure wish for you a happy and productive day.

    Smile and love life. x x x x
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    Nice to hear that you daughter's partner is progressing, long haul though it might be. I was thinking the other day that I wanted a new kitchen so I'm jealous. Hope work goes better for you soon.

    Work was extremely nice yesterday...three of our admits went home rather than be admitted. It amazes me that a woman can have a complete hysterectomy and BSO as a same day surgery. I'm glad to be doing overtime and have it be an easy stretch. Hopefully today will be as easy, but easy days are rare.

    I overslept because I didn't set my alarm, but only by about 25 minutes, so I still have some time for coffee and a quick breakfast.

    Hope those that are sick get well soon.
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    Friday January 6th 2017-010717-png
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    Sabby sorry work has been so tough lately, glad Joey is enjoying his new job

    Hi Tweety

    Davey, long time no see!


    Work was slow yesterday, which was good as a key program was down for several hours. Hope today won't be crazy as a result

    Did the shopping yesterday, have enough leftovers that I didn't have to buy much

    Still sick although getting a little better each day. If improvement continues to be slow may have to see the doctor

    Looking ahead and trying to plan vacation days, planning to take more time off this year than last. Plans still up in the air a bit

    Will take it easy today, will try to avoid going out as it's quite cold
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    Sabby, you look different without your usual font. Or italics. It's like when patients see me in street clothes instead of scrubs.
    A new kitchen!
    Does your hubs have a twin brother?

    I slept good last night. I actually fell asleep on the phone talking to one of my friends and woke up this morning when my alarm went off, the phone call lasting 6 hours and 45 minutes. Good thing we both have iPhones.

    Glad you sickies are feeling better. Last night I started feeling sick again, today seems to be so far so good.

    Busy, productive day yesterday! I needed it. I set up my own bank account, which I haven't had in 23 years. I took The Kid off my custodial account, so now only he has access to his account like a big boy. I then spent all my cash on my dog's vet appointment, 'cause my money won't clear until Monday.

    Paying cash for everything sucks, but having my own account really boosted me up. Funny.

    TGIF! Tonight I am staying in. I need to catch up with my cousin. She was just diagnosed with ALS.
    Tomorrow , the boys and I take Far's Mom to visit Far's Dad.
    Sunday, alternately laze and clean.

    Have a good day, all!
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    Good morning!
    We're getting some snow here. Just enough so it's pretty, but not enough to make me curse the weather gods. I need to get to the gym and then DD and I will go out to brunch. She's been back and forth from school this break, as she works weekends down there. It's just an hour away, so the drive is very manageable.

    Sabby-so happy to hear that your daughter and partner are on the mend. How sweet of Joey to surprise you with a new kitchen. Warning...mine was started in late Sept. and is still not 100% finished, but we're only missing a few minor things and I could not be happier with the results. I hope you love it! Tweety-Glad yesterday was "easy". Hoping for the same today. Hi Davey-Always nice to see you! Joe-hope you're feeling better as the day goes on. Far-It is good to have, and be in control of your own money. I hate this cliche, but it is empowering. Now, don't be getting sick again.....I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. ALS is the diagnosis I fear the most.

    Must get motivated to go to the gym. No gym=no brunch, and I want brunch! Hope all have a good day!
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    Good cold and windy morning! I saw one teeny-tiny snowflake when I ran out this morning to get the one item I forgot I was out of --MILK!
    Now I am in for the day and will periodically watch the ever-changing forecast. Yesterday AM "the EURO model" computer prognosticator showed 5 inches of snow accumulation possible and the "GSP model " showed one inch of snow. Then, last night it was completely switched around, with Euro model showing 1 inch and the GSP showing 4-5 inches. It is a total crapshoot, really. We'll get however much we'll get when we get it.

    Ozzy is better, no puking for 48 hours.Eating and drinking fine. One 'cow-patty' of poop yesterday; hopefully will resolve back to normal BM's today. Blood work is 'terrific', per vet call yesterday.

    I have come to the conclusion that my MiL must have an internal Bi-Polar Vortex going on . . ."Restless as a Willow in a Wind Storm" followed by "The Horse Latitudes". Her "isobars" are all over the place! GADS!

    Sabs, I am doubling up and adding to your prayers for another (GOOD!) nurse to come on board and work out well for your situation. It is tough going full-tilt boogie ALL the time! // Glad your dgt's partner continues to improve. // I WANT A NEW KITCHEN, TOO! We would have to move out for several months at least, as the whole area between the walls of the kitchen and bathroom needs to be completely gutted and rebuilt. I would have my bathroom enlarged to include the washer and dryer that now reside in the kitchen. (Dream on, Stars!)

    Guess I'll get up and putter around; am through with coffee for now and will save the rest to reheat and have this mid-afternoon.

    See yez laydah!
    Last edit by No Stars In My Eyes on Jan 6 : Reason: I just called the office and went ahead to set up for a cab to pick me up in the morning and take me home after my shift. Easier than waiting and wondering how the van will act on 'iffy' roads..
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    Sabby, I originally read your post as, you were getting a new KITTEN.
    But it's a new KITCHEN!
    How exciting!
    Your dh is truly a keeper!!
    Keep us informed of progress, if you would?

    Prayers continue for your family.

    Hello Davey Do! Good to see you!

    Far, you have a busy day planned!
    Congrats on getting control of finances. Agree with BC, it IS empowering!

    Joe, this illness really hangs on, eh?

    Tweety, nice that your OT isn't wild-crazy-busy.

    BC, get to that gym so you can then have your brunch!

    NSIME, glad Ozzie is doing well, phew! That's a relief.

    I still can't believe I took out all those papers yesterday.
    This is one of those blockbuster projects that has been hanging over my head for a LONG TIME.

    We will soon be dressed dapper and will head to the parks for the day.
    Hope to see our musician friends and see the decorations once more and hear some good music and get some walking in.
    Oh yes, we will stop by the hat store in Downtown Disney, MUST do that!
    Window-shop, at least.

    K and her friend M will come with us, along with his 7yo son.
    We'll have lunch together but can't imagine they want to hang with us!
    Rather they will go on some rides with him.

    Tomorrow we will help with a bit of music at The Big Church.
    Not many plans other than that.

    I hope you all have a good day.
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    Shredding, eh? Sounds like a good idea! I'll wait until after the noon news (ie weather forecast), take a shower, and then sit down for cross-cutting extravaganza! Wooooot!
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    Good morning all,
    Sabby, congrats on the kitchen! Hope work lets up soon.
    Tweety-hard to believe a TAH as same-day; when I had mine I was sick as dog for 24 hrs.
    Davey, you had me grinning from ear to ear yesterday as I read your posts on the "irritating doctors" thread.
    Joe, here's to a speedy recovery!
    Far, {{hugs}}
    BC, yes, gym good, brunch better.
    NSIME-We went through a major kitchen remodel a few years ago, 6 weeks turned into 6 months. Arrgh!
    Dianah-lovely feeling to de-clutter, isn't it? Like lifting a weight off.

    My wee chest cold is worsening, had trouble sleeping because of my squeaky expiratory wheezes. Bit of a dry cough, but I will not get sick! DH says we're going car-shopping tomorrow, come he** or high water, but I'm more worried about bronchitis.

    Forecast says 20% chance snow, 40% tomorrow, then warm up and rain. But the forecast changes hour to hour ...

    Meeting with dd for lunch. She just adopted a puppy and I need a puppy fix. After that I need to drop off a copy of my passport at the old job today; going on a humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic end of March with nursing students.

    Cheers to all,
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    Mornin' . . . A long night of very little sleep, stuffed up nose and head, and body aches. Very slight increase in temp.

    Hopefully this coffee and "Dayquil for Severe Colds" will help. My nose is getting tender from having to blow it all the time.

    Sabby - glad your daughter's partner is doing better. Still a long way to go but getting to go home is good. I think it is nice that you are getting a new kitchen but I'd never let my husband pick it out. He and I don't have the same tastes in decor at all. Honestly, I love these old white metal cabinets with frosted glass sliding doors. But we need new backsplash, flooring, and the room needs painted very badly.

    My grandson-to-be is in the area with my son meeting dh for breakfast and I told them not to come by here as I'm sick. My son said they've been sick too - we all probably got the same bug from being together at Christmas so he might bring him by even though I warned him not to.

    It is sunny right now but a large tropical storm is headed to the west coast of the US and there are flood warnings everywhere.

    I need another cup of coffee. Hope you ALL have a good day.
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    Prayers for all sick to fell better soon..
    No new kitchen for us. In 1983 I stripped a half century of paint from the upper cabinets and varnished them. In 2014 sanded and painted the lower ones. New paint and molding every decade have been enough. And a frost free refrigerator.

    After Christmas our son and DIL adopted a shelter dog. Got to invite ourselves to meet the new pet.
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    SNOW !