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I have to put this somewhere, and where better than AN. So one of the reasons I like to hang on AN is the level of responsibility most of us feel to each other. Yes there are definitely those who will rip down a new grad or... Read More

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    Quote from roser13
    She is just too cute! Do you know what you're having this time?
    Emma is getting a baby brother. Elliott James
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    She is so grown up!! Congrats on your second pregnancy.

    I have mixed feelings about this whole social media thing. It can be a wonderful and convenient way to communicate, but it also breeds ignorance and the lynch mob mentality as it is so easy to hide behind the anonymity. I'm amazed at how many people will take a chance with unproven health advice, especially in pregnancy! And even more amazing, they keep promoting this garbage all over FB. Guess you can't fix stupid.
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    Quote from rumwynnieRN
    Unfortunately, people have the right to remain ignorant. Even when you do patient teaching, some will just write you off because you're "part of the system." I'm all for alternative treatments if it makes you happy and it doesn't harm you, but ahhhhh -- where do some of these people get these ideas?
    I agree! And when we are talking about people's kids!! If one would like to buck the system, have at it, but as the OP stated, when the 12 pound baby has a blood sugar of 15 and has a seizure....then what?
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    Tait - wow! Elliott and Emma! Congratulations and Emma has grown!

    I agree with the stuff about FB . . . . .I've had to be careful though as my new daughter-in-law posts some stuff that has been debunked and I tread lightly there. No public denouement

    Before coming to AN, I was on a baby bulletin board . . . and yes, it could get very nasty. Glad to have found a home here! Not perfect of course, but better than most BB's.
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    So I left all the baby advice pages behind. This morning a woman with diagnosed Grave's on her third child was complaining of numbness below the hips and cramping. She has two other children and "has never had this before". Someone told her to drink some water and she would be fine. I just can't be a party to a group that can't understand that sometimes saying "call your OB" is the safest option and will bring her the most peace. ./shiver
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