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Coke for washing grease out of clothes.

  1. 0 I had a packet of petrolatum bust in my pocket today. Another nurse told me that washing the scrubs with some Coke would wash the grease right out. I told her I would have to try it...
    Anyways, any of you tried this method before? How do you do it? Do you just throw in a can of Coke as you load the washer? Leave the soap out? Really curious to see if this works!

    How a bout any other tricks to get Vaseline out of clothes? Today was the first time I wore this particular set. Thanks in advance.
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    I've never tired coke for stains before, but I know that either sprite or 7up works good on most stains. Just pour on stain only and wash.
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    I don't know about clothes but I know it works on driveways.
    My Dad used to work in a Petrol Station when coke came in glass bottles. Well, one day someone dropped a bottle of coke, it was a little while before he got to clean it up, but he says that the driveway where the coke had been was clean.
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    I've never heard of soda being used for grease stains. But I have been known to use Dawn liquid dish soap to get greasy stains out.

    good luck.
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    I would be scared that the Coke might stain the clothes ...? We dropped dirty cents in Coke to clean it, but that is a different story.
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    So what do you think it does to your insides?
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    Okay ow I want ot know -Who comes up with this stuff. You read about tings like "To get red wine stain out of carpet just apply blue clinic shampoo." Now I can understand the evolution of coke on driveway grease because that is kind of a given that someone would drop a bottle and make the observation but unless you are holding some really kinky parties - red wine and shampoo??????

    We use coke to clear NG tubes again - who worked it out and what patient was so addicted to coke cola that he had his nurses pouring it down the NG tube. Mind you I was recently told that it adversly affected the NG tubes and you are better off using bicarbonate of Soda so....

    Back to Donmurray's question - Just what is it doing to your insides?
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    I have heard of using Coke for stains but have never tried myself. I do know that it is great for getting bugs off of car windshields though. Just pour the warm Coke on and rinse it off!
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    Well, I have test driven the Coke theory. So far, the pants look pretty clean, and I am waiting for my scrub top to line dry (don't want the stain to set in the dryer). Will update later...
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    I'd try electrasol or Joy before the coke.

    And Belinda is so right about it getting bug guts off the windshield. It will clean the posts on a car battery also.
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    That does it!! Stands up and goes to pour last bottle of Coke Cola down the sink...........

    Guess what it cleans drains too!
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    Ok, I am back with some far as I can see, the petrolatum came out. What a relief! It was a brand new set of scrubs.

    Coke on the windshield? Hope this isn't a stupid question here, but wouldn't it get sticky...and then you would have to clean the sticky windshield?
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    You have to rinse it off before it dries.