1. 4 G'day all.
    Ceinwen goes into surgery today in far off Melbourne.
    She has Endometriosis. Hopefully all will go well.
    I can't be there and feel bad about that but she has her favorite teddy bear which I gave her.
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    Hi Michael - prayers for Ceinwen, the doctors/nurses, and that all will work out fine.
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    Praying all goes according to plan and all will be just fine, it has got to be hard for you not being there mate. x x x
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    Prayers offered, Michael. It is hard not being there. Glad she has the Teddy Bear. She will hug it many times. Will be thinking of both of you.
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    You and Ceinwen are in my prayers.
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    Thank you for sharing this with us, Michael.
    Yes, she is in our thoughts and prayers, that all goes smoothly for a good outcome!
    Good she has a teddy bear.
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    Hoping the surgery is over, and she is resting comfortably. Sending you both hugs and warm thoughts.
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    Here's hoping it all goes well Michael.
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    Hope all went well with the surgery and that Ceinwen is well on the road of Post-Op healing and feeling comfortable.
    Last edit by Ted on Nov 24, '13
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    She is out of hospital. All went well although her teddy bear has sore ribs!!
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    I am so glad! prayers for a quick recovery!
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