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A student here curious to see if there are any ENTJ / INTJ / ENTP / INTP personalities in the nursing field? If so where do you work/ what is your specialty? If you haven't taken the test, you can... Read More

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    Quote from Laura Z. Pam
    INFJ/INTJ (more usually INFJ). Hospice. Really loved the science in nursing but never fit into the "tribe". Have a few friends in nursing that I really, really love, but have always clashed with nursing culture in general and think it is a bit whack, until I found hospice work. I love, love it, and love each and all of my co-workers. Go figure! : ) I like listening to people and repackaging what they tell me so that they can see what they are saying, and I can almost always calm almost anyone down. Best job ever.

    I'm always the "odd" one, lol!
    I, too, can calm people and am a keen people watcher.
    I work psych and now you have me rethinking hospice, which I always thought I would do well in.

    INFJ's are supposedly rare, too.
    Aren't we special!

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    The last time I took the test, I believe I came out as an INFJ. I read the description and it fitted me to a T.
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    I worked as a registration rep in an ER for 8 years, now applying to nursing school. Ultimately want to end up in an ER or ICU.
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    ESFJ here. I am about a year away from nursing school and currenly finishing prereq's. No clue what type of nursing suits an ESFJ, but would welcome any thoughts! Lol.

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    Work with surgical and transplant patients and am working on my master's to be a nurse practitioner

    I think I'm one of those introverts that can "masquerade" as an extrovert when necessary (and kind of enjoy it) but fundamentally, I love lots of alone time, can take or leave huge groups of people, and find that I really enjoy my patients/feel much more at ease with them when I've built up some rapport over a day or two. And I firmly believe that patients who have a million super talkative/crazy family members are any INFJ nurse's worst nightmare! LOL
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    INTJ and in Operating Department.
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    It says I am ISFJ which is the conservator type. I looked it up and it says that conservators make good nurses as well as secretaries, librians, and church workers. We like to listen to authority, follow rules, and serve others. We do not like alot of change or meeting new people. I think the test is about 90% accurate in descibing me.

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    Isn't it interesting how many of us are introverts? I am an INFP and have tested that way since I was in my teens (I am in the 39 and holding crowd). If you met me, you would think I was the most outgoing, direct person you'd ever met, but that is just the "work me." I am in peri-anesthesia/PACU.
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    I'm either an INFP or ENFP; I score pretty evenly in the introvert/extrovert portion. I have found the MB very helpful in my relationships, both personal and professional. I've learned that one really easy way to tell if someone is a P or a J is to look at their car. If it's cluttered, they are probably a P; if it is exceedingly neat, they are probably a J. N's usually have difficulty with Math, while S's tend to be weaker in English.
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    I just purchased a great book about introverts that gives us a history about why we were thought of as not quite normal and goes on to explain why we are just fine. See my sig line . . . . .

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