Any Myers Briggs personality test takers? - page 7

A student here curious to see if there are any ENTJ / INTJ / ENTP / INTP personalities in the nursing field? If so where do you work/ what is your specialty? If you haven't taken the test, you can... Read More

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    I'm either an INFP or ENFP; I score pretty evenly in the introvert/extrovert portion. I have found the MB very helpful in my relationships, both personal and professional. I've learned that one really easy way to tell if someone is a P or a J is to look at their car. If it's cluttered, they are probably a P; if it is exceedingly neat, they are probably a J. N's usually have difficulty with Math, while S's tend to be weaker in English.
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    I just purchased a great book about introverts that gives us a history about why we were thought of as not quite normal and goes on to explain why we are just fine. See my sig line . . . . .
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    ENFJ It stated I am a pursuader, leader of groups and like to go out of my way to help others excel. This made me laugh. It was pretty spot on. I love to mentor new nurses and nursing students. I like to be an encouraging "ear" as well as a cheer leader to those I talk to who come to me for advice or to vent. I love to see people excel or go forward with something they want to do.

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