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A student here curious to see if there are any ENTJ / INTJ / ENTP / INTP personalities in the nursing field? If so where do you work/ what is your specialty? If you haven't taken the test, you can... Read More

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    INFJ in ICU.
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    INFJs rock! We are the rarest of the personality types. :-)
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    Quote from frylockholmes
    I'm an ENFJ, and I work L&D and ER(L&D is my passion, though). I'm wanting to go back to school to become a certified nurse midwife. My sister-in-law(INFJ) is a self proclaimed expert on these personality things and she always told me I was an ENFJ, but I never took the quiz, just read about it... so I took that quiz, and it said I was an ENFJ! I guess she was right. It's funny because reading through all those, I didn't see a single ENFP(my husband's type), and it makes since because I know 2 other people with that personality type and they all say they would NEVER want to be a nurse. Interesting...

    I'm an ENFP and always have been and i'm just about to qualify :P

    I do agree with the personality types, but don't think you can say one personality type over the other will want to do a certain something, maybe more common, but you can't rule it out completely!
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    I tend to test regularly as an INTP. Work on a burn unit with mixed acuity (floor to ICU); enjoy the "tough" patients that we get who are detoxing, etc.

    Would prefer a job in informatics or maybe something like infection control or research. I want to nerd out but can't. :/
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    ESFP, no one else? I have not found where I belong yet, but I can tell you med surf is NOT it. Too much chaos and no organization at all.
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    Great post! Let's keep it going!

    Only one other ENTP? Anyone care to also share the percentage of the population your results are? ENTP's are 3.2% of total population (of what, it doesn't specify).

    risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker, thrill seeker, life of the party, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, appreciates strangeness, disorganized, adventurous, talented at presentation, aggressive, attention seeking, experience junky, insensitive, adaptable, not easily offended, messy, carefree, dangerous, fearless, careless, emotionally stable, spontaneous, improviser, always joking, player, wild and crazy, dominant, acts without thinking, not into organized religion, pro-weed legalization

    Favored careers:
    dictator, computer consultant, international spy, tv producer, philosopher, comedian, music performer, it consultant, fighter pilot, politician, diplomat, entertainer, game designer, bar owner, freelance writer, creative director, strategist, news anchor, professional skateboarder, airline pilot, comic book artist, college professor, private detective, mechanical engineer, lecturer, ambassador, astronomer, research scientist, judge, web developer, scholar, fbi agent, cia agent, electrical engineer, assassin

    Disfavored careers:
    personal assistant, wedding planner, travel agent, secretary, interior decorator, clerical employee, government employee, social worker, pre school teacher, copy editor, child care worker, hospitality worker, occupational therapist, home maker
    I am wrapping up nursing school this semester, I have my EMT-B (not working as one though), currently a CNA on a med/surg tele monitored floor and I am a EMS/trauma junkie! Would love to work in the ER and as a flight nurse one day so I definitely think most of the descriptions are in line!

    I am definitely an "experience junky" as I'm always in awe of people who have years and years of experience and I'm always jumping at the chance to learn new skills or whatnot. I'm an atheist and support the legalization of MJ. I used to skateboard in my teens (wasn't too shabby either) and my past career choices have included creative director, college prof., research scientist and who doesn't want to be an assassin? hah! I could never see myself as a housewife or interior decorator (yuck!).

    I'm actually surprised at the amount of introverts, not that it's a bad thing, just fascinating. I guess we spread ourselves so thin interacting with patients and co-workers all day/night that I can definitely see how some people would want to spend their free time recouping alone. I like my alone time but can't stay away from interacting with people too long.
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    Interesting to see the person that said they always come off as the leader. I always come across as the "counselor" (INFJ)....been an INFJ always. Took the test recently, and I'm still the same.

    I love Myers-Briggs! I just scanned the posts to see what the most common type would be, and it's interesting how common INTJ is on this board....that's supposed to be a very small percentage of people (like my type, as well). Small sample of people, but still.... lol.

    And, Catzilla...."sensing" is very common in nursing. I know many nurses that are like this, very practical, etc. And, many people, too. My own parents for that matter lol.
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    2 more INFJ's on here! Awesome...we are rare! lol. And, one of you works in ICU, too. Cool. Maybe we work here because we have to talk with fewer people than on the floors lol.
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    In am an INFP, only 1% of the population and highly misunderstood because of it. Any others out there????
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    I'm an INFP also. Have found that I can be easily misunderstood. Also very comfortable being alone and need to be alone to recharge. Working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in a private office setting and went on to get a counseling degree so I now work as both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Nurse Practitioner. They complement each other very well.

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