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A student here curious to see if there are any ENTJ / INTJ / ENTP / INTP personalities in the nursing field? If so where do you work/ what is your specialty? If you haven't taken the test, you can... Read More

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    I am an INTJ working med-surg as an LVN and can say it is TOTALLY the wrong area of nursing for my personality. Way too much personal interaction involved (I like working with just a few pts/people at a time), way too hectic, way too much drama. The only reason I haven't quit is that I am working night shift. I think med-surg is best suited for very task-oriented extroverted types.As a newly-licensed RN, I am hoping to move into L&D or ICU. Less patients to focus on in these areas, more critical thinking, more autonomy.
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    INFP/J. I work in emergency nursing, primarily peds but am adding adult experience too now.
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    I am an ESTJ and just started nursing school.
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    Mine is ESTP I am a facility manager
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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    INFP/J. I work in emergency nursing, primarily peds but am adding adult experience too now.
    I'm also INFP in emerg! I love it. But I need some alone time after work, and sometimes I'll take breaks by myself too.
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    ENTP....director of nursing for a large SNF. I'm not reallu sure I believe in test validity.
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    INFJ . I work in MICU. I took this test way back in high school, and then read the whole book, and made my family and friends take it, trying to guess what they were. I was usually pretty accurate.

    Interesting, though. I enjoy being an ICU nurse, suits me well, and I think I would enjoy heme/onc in the future.
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    INFP, I think MB is fairly accurate. Got tested in college to help select roommates... That didn't work. I just started as a float nurse. I'm a good listener, and I have learned over the years to project confidence, but I'm not a "chatter." My spouse who will be a dr is an ISFJ.
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    I have ranged from INFP to INTP. It's been INTP in more recent years.

    I am a floor nurse at an acute rehabilitation hospital, and prior to that, worked as a floor nurse for several years in LTC. I am a good listener, but not much of a talker. I also do not enjoy lots of interaction, so I have a strong preference for the night shift.
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    I just took the test and I'm an ESTP which is probably good because I'm studying to become an emergency nurse practitioner and do disaster relief work!

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