Am I crazy to plan a wedding now?

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    Hi nurses!

    So I'm posting today with great excitment in my life. Last night, at midnight, my boyfriend and I got engaged. I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn't expect it to be quite so soon. Of course I said yes and I'm super excited to be engaged and begin planning our life together.

    My question is this. In a couple of weeks I'm starting my final semester of my MSN program. I know it will be CRAZY busy and I realistically probably won't have time to dig my heels in with wedding planning until May. BUT, we really want to get married in October of 2014.

    Knowing we're both relatively poor financially speaking, and that the venue will most likely be an 8-hour drive away, do you think we could pull this off? I've never planned a wedding before and really know very little about the whole process. We wouldn't want anything crazy big. Maybe 50 guests tops - and done very simply at an outdoor venue. I know it may be better financially (and perhaps with my sanity) to wait until 2015, but I hate the thought of waiting another - almost - 2 years.

    Any thoughts?
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    Why do you think you can't have it until October? The expense and venue choices are up to you and your fiancÚ. If you want simple you can go on Pinterest or tumblr to get inspiration for elegant but inexpensive wedding ideas. CONGRATS!
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    I think you could do it, depending on how grand you plan to have your event. But if everything is 8 hours away, you'll either need someone there, or plan to travel frequently to check out venues, caterers, cake tastings, florists, etc. If you wait until the summer to book, less will be available, but that may be a more feasible option for that kind of stuff. The dress you'll want to get ASAP, because it takes forever once you order it, and the longer you have, the less you pay in rush charges.
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    Congratulations! You can do it. Do you have any relatives or friends that would help? You'll have to reserve the venue now, and also start looking at dresses. I've seen some really beautiful dresses on for a fraction of retail. They're handmade, unique, and very suitable for an outdoor wedding. You could go with flowers in mason jars for centerpieces, and hand tied bouquets for yourself and any attendants, to keep costs down and stay simple. Utilize the natural beauty of your venue as much as possible.

    Best of luck with your planning!
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    It will be a lot of work. Especially with a venue that far away. Plan on lots of traveling on the weekends. My sister lives in DC and is planning a wedding in Pittsburgh right now for October. She's putting a lot of work into it and is traveling to Pittsburgh a lot. Maybe look at getting a wedding planner if you can afford it at all. I know that to a lot of people it seems like an unnecessary expense but not all are expensive and it may save you much time and gas money in travel. Something to think about.
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    Thanks everyone! Most of my family does live near where we'd want to have the wedding, but I know that something like this would still require a fair amount of traveling. I'm wondering if maybe I could pull off trying to plan most of the wedding (at least the bigger stuff like venue, food, and music) during my spring break in March. I already have a fairly solid idea of what to do for decoration. Fall foliage + candles in mason jars, and simple bouquets is totally right up my alley and I love Etsy for inspiration and purchases too.

    We went through a preliminary guest list this morning and I *am* really nervous. He comes from a HUGE family so his family list alone is almost 50 people and he seems really reluctant to cut down. I know we *should* wait until we have more money, but we do have some people on both sides of the family willing to help out a little bit. I just don't know if it'll be enough. The main reason we don't want to wait - at least I don't want to wait - is because both of our mothers are in relatively rough shape. My Mom has COPD that seems to get worse every day and his Mom's going through chemo. While I'm trying to remain optimistic I am seriously worried that one or both of them won't get to see us get married.
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    I think this is a great idea. The most important thing about a wedding, other than marrying the person you love, is having those who love you present. Everything else is just a bonus. If you know where you want to have the wedding, make a phone call now and at least find out if it's available. You'll have more options if you can be flexible on your date and day of week (Friday night vs. Sat. night, etc.).

    I hope your mother and MIL to be will be able to be with you then.
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    Think seriously about this alternative: Tiny wedding asap, no huge fancy dress that needs half a dozen fittings, no bridesmaid drama, no big cake, no color-coordinated reception, a family dinner with parents and siblings ONLY (while you have them, if you think there's a decent chance one or more of them won't make it until later). Tell everyone else it's because you want to keep it simple while all these other things are unsettled. Then, when things settle down, have the big party-cum-reception in your destination spot (or anywhere else you like). That's when you invite all your extended family and friends, the pressure is off, and all will be well.
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    Thanks GrnTea. I like the idea and I'll run it by my boyfriend, but I doubt he'll be on board. He really wants to wait until 2015 so I guess that's just something we're going to have to iron out. I personally think he's kind of in denial about our mothers' health, but I think your's is a good idea.
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    Have him ask his mum what she thinks of the idea. I'll bet she likes it better than waiting another year-plus. And even if she doesn't, having a small wedding sooner and a big party later is still going to be easier on her if her health is declining even slightly.
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