A silly song about colonoscopies. . .

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    I'm feeling in a silly and sentimental mood. As most probably know, my wife and I have a small production company providing musical humor for healthcare professionals. Well, our "business" is kind of on the back burner, now, due to personal and economic issues. But in past years, we've put on some fun and successful productions. Anyway, I re-found a video that I made of one song that we used to perform. I forgot all about the video and it was nice seeing & hearing it again. (That's the sentimental part.) It brought back some nice memories of doing our shows, hearing the music and hearing the audience laugh and enjoy themselves. It's also funny.

    This was video-taped during a 2008 gig that we did for a group of nursing students attending a near-by community college. It's a rare video that I have of our performing troupe. Hope you enjoy it and that it brings you chuckle or two.

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    That was great Ted now I am going to have that song in my head all day hahahhahahahaha
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    Thanks, Sabby_NC. It's a fun tune that usually got a lot of laughs! LOL! I wish I had more videos of the stuff we used to do. Unfortunately, I was usually occupied doing the sound for the shows. Oh well. At least we have this video for memory's sake.
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    Oh my gosh, that was too funny. I loved it. Quoting Rod Stewart, "Some guys have all the luck."
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    I've been lucky to see Too Live Nurse in person about 5 times while in Philly area.
    Colonoscopy is one of my favorites along with Girl with Emphysema [mp3]
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    Hi Karen!!!

    Good to see you and glad that you joined me on a sentimental journey in watching the video. It was always good to see you at our shows and to enjoy dinner with us afterwards. I do believe that you were our FIRST (and only) groupie! Good times. . . good times.

    Peace, Karen.

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    Too funny! I loved it!
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