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"Yes, there are two paths you can go by..."

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    WOW what a performance honoring Led Zeppelin's three surviving members Page, Plant, and Jones named as 2012 Kennedy Center Honors
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    The entire segment devoted to LedZep was fabulous! I would never have predicted back when I was in my teens,smoking bongs and playing their music daily that they would one day receive such an honor.
    Buddy Guy was honored,too.I was knocked out by Beth Hart's performance.I have since scoured youtube for everything relating to her and I just love her.I vaguely remember her "LA Song" and the web is loaded with her stuff- her blues rocks.Check her out,you'll be glad you did.
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    and DITTO for Aerosmith's Rock and Roller Coaster attraction at Walt Disney World,I never would have seen that coming.Another blast from my teenage past.All of my fav rock and roll rebels have gone maintream-and gotten old just like I have,except for Bowie,he's like Dick Clark was,a rock and rollin' Dorian Gray
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    Thanks for sharing... I used to love Led Zep all through school! Whew, I remember the days of those cute long-haired young men... Had posters all over my walls! Oh, ya! Ok, I know those days are gone... Darn it! HA! Really, what an amazing band, huh?
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    Ah.... I had a housemate in college who used to put on Led Zeppelin albums and get in the shower, and would scream at anyone who turned it down. I'm a grandmother now, and he's on the other side of the continent, but I just sent it to him. As we would have said, far ****in' out. Thank you so much.