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I have just fallen in love with...

  1. 1 ..Avocados!!

    Raw with a little seasoning eaten directly out of the skin with a spoon.

    It's taking all my will power to save the other half for work tonight.
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    We put avocados in our fish tacos, in our seafood salad, in our pico de gallo, and we have been known to do like you do as well. With a little lime juice on the flesh....mmmmm.
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    It's funny... I never liked guacamole, so I figured I wouldn't like avocados.
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    They can be addictive, but boy are they good!

    I like them just mashed as topping for bagels with crme cheese - just mashed with nothing else. I also make avocado bread (using banana bread recipe with a little extra sugar).
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    That sounds delicious..
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    I know someone who eats avocados out of hand as if it's an apple .I like mine in guac.
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    It probably depends on what kind of guacamole you've been served Miiki. I merely like my guac with smashed avocados and salt and a little lime. NO tomatoes. Although I love salsa and love tomatoes. But avocados are good all on their own.

    I eat them the same way. Plus, they are good for you!
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    mashed avocado makes a good sandwich spread.
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    I remember eating avocados in early childhood by cutting them in half and simply spooning out the flesh. I love guacamole, too.

    I was born and raised in a city in coastal southern California that had a majority Latino population, so avocados were a staple food item in the local area.
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    I've been seeing a lot of interesting recipes for grilled avocados recently, many people say once you try them grilled you never go back. Even guac recipes grilling mater, and peppers and avocadoes.... appeals to my MAN+LOVE+FIRE gene, you know!

    I have a cousin who lives in cali, her dog (a Black Lab) was really fat... long story short, they let it roam and it ate all the avocados in the yard, it got fat. Vet said to either chain up the dog or pick up the fruit!

    We pay $1~1.50 each for them in Tennessee... i love them, too!
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    Quote from aTOMicTom
    We pay $1~1.50 each for them in Tennessee... i love them, too!
    I guess I've been fortunate to have lived in and near avocado-producing states. . .

    They cost three for $1 in California when I was living there. Here in Texas the avocados cost anywhere from $0.45 to $0.60 each.
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    They were $0.97 each when I bought them last week.
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    In New Jersey, I wait for sales. They run about $1 or so then. And I limit myself because they are so addictive.

    Grilled avocado will be my next downfall! And the story about the chubby dog was precious - that one made me laugh!

    Something else to fall in love with ..... Has anyone else tried Jif brand mocha cappuccino hazelnut spread??? There's another brand out there but the Jif brand..... oh yeah! On a cinnamon raisin bagel, cinnamon graham crackers, on a spoon! I even mix it with peanut butter, but I going to try to sub it for PB cookies.