Anyone do once a month/ freezer cooking?

  1. 0 Since I'm planning to go back to school in a few months, I'm looking at possibly starting a little freezer cooking so that I can have a homemade meal every night but not have to cook. Anyone out there doing/done this with tips or recipes?
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    I've tried doing those before, but it seems like no matter what I try, stuff I freeze ends up with freezer burn. I even have one of those machines to push the air out and Tupperware that is made especially for freezing stuff. I gave up.
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    I tried, but I felt like the food got freezer burned and gross in the freezer. It seemed to come out mushy and weird tasting when I would defrost it and re-heat it. I bought a crock-pot and made giant meals 1-2 times a week instead. You end up eating the same thing for a few days, but it's better than eating fast food when you have no time!
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    Soups & Stews are great when frozen/thawed.

    For other foods (meats, some veggies, tamales,...), I vacuum pack them using a device similar to (but not that brand) a FoodSaver. Vacuum packing really cuts down on freezer burn.
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    I've been using freezer bags and haventhad any problems so far. Also found this place nearby that basically has everything prepped and does all the cleaning up with monthly menus. Only been there once so far, but I had 39 entrees ready to freeze in less than an hour. Would have taken me probably a whole day at home! Much easier than doing it myself, but I'll probably keep up a combination of the two.

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