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I saw a tid-bit about credit cards for nurses. Does anyone use credit cards that are designated for nurses? Any info? I saw a Bank of America card that is connected to Sigma Theta Tau but I can't... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Here's a link that the OP might be talking about: Bank of America Card

    I got a credit card in 1999 from Nursing99 magazine, and still have it to this day. It was bought out by Bank of America, gives fair market interest rates, and still says "Nursing" on it with pictures of nurses at work. I'm not sure if any of the money is earmarked for anyone though. At one point the limit was $30,000 and they've cut me back to $15,000 due to the credit crunch and me rarely using it. I usually only use it for big items or travel and rarely since 1999 ever carried a balance or paid any fees. I really don't like greedy big banks sticking to my credit union for most of my banking and routine credit card use.
  2. by   MickeyTong
    I am a victim of marketing.

    The consortium of financial institutions which own me say that I must work till I'm 94 before I achieve equity. Whatever that is.
  3. by   nursefrances
    I have seen a Journal of Nursing credit card and the Sigma Theta Tau credit card. Yes, i was also jazzed about this when I was a new grad. I don't have either anymore, paid off and closed account. Now I just have a Discover card for Maui trips when they are available. (going in March-woo hoo)

    I think credit cards are evil (my personal thought, no one has to agree). If you pay off at end of month, no problem..but it is so easy for these to get out of hand. Actually, I should say interest is evil...not the cards.