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Hi, Fellow Students! Has anyone out there enrolled with Excelsior College taken both components of the FCCA simultaneously? I and a work-mate are at this point, and have been disheartened to find... Read More

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    Yes i recommend taking them together for sure there is a lot of hurry up and wait involved so once you get your momentum going dont stop. Good luck to you . Look on line or get a book on delegation lots of that on there. Also go back to basics with you fundamentals of nursing book . I also used health assessment made incredibly easy by lippincott. What a huge help.....you can get it brand new at barn and noble.
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    Hi, ToledoLPN2RN! First, I'm a neighbor... I'm in Columbus! GO BUCKS! (just had to say that). I in fact work at the Wexner Medical Center at OSU. So nice to see that a fellow Ohioan is also a member. So you are with Excelsior, also? I did decide to take both at the same time. Lord help me! And that is an actual prayer! I'm also taking English Comp which I started 2/4, so all three will finish at the same time. I really thought about this for a while before deciding to go ahead with it. With jobs on the line, I felt I really need to show that I'm doing what I can to get finished- especially since it had been established that I and my co-worker who is in the same situation would be finished ~May and now that will be impossible. It has a lot to do with budget and applying to transition our position- plus they are laying off some University/Medical Center positions besides getting rid of LPNs. My co-worker and I are likely the only LPNs left in the medical center. Yikes! So, I'm going to have to really forsake a lot and dig in and keep on track.If we're lucky it won't be as bad as some seem to think. So, waht about you? I didn't see when you posted, think I caught this same day as you sent it. Just got home from taking Intro to World Religions exam this afternoon. Please let me know what you decide?
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    Thank you, Esme12, for the advice, I'm sure going to follow it! And, thanks for the vote of confidence. Could definitely use it now! Did you study through Rue, by chance, or did you get the Excelsior books during your studies? We have different books than the Excelsior-used, so don't know how much different the Rue-used ones are. I have a Nook, so will look to see if that book you recommended is available as an e-book. I could also, I suppose, look at Amazon. Again, thanks for your help, and I look forward to your further answers.

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